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  1. wow.. how you announce custom controls.. that sounds like a whole new idea but u guys know very well what you did was a dealbreaker...
  2. This is tied to Steam, use the Steam settings. ok thats quite easy any comment to the rest?
  3. well, as it seems the devs read the reviews here I also wanna say what I think of the game. I was a BIG fan of DS1. It was good to play. No restrictions at all. You could just do what you want and where you want. Everything was quite easy. As I didnt like DS2 i didnt buy it and when I saw the videos and reviews of DS3 I got REALLY excited! and preorderd. Regarding DS3: CONS first: I can't believe a company sells a PC game (maybe thats normal on the console I dont know) where you cant change the key bindings. I'm left handed so WASD sucks like hell because I'd have
  4. edit: ok works now.. plz delete this post :D
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