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  1. wow.. how you announce custom controls.. that sounds like a whole new idea but u guys know very well what you did was a dealbreaker...
  2. This is tied to Steam, use the Steam settings. ok thats quite easy any comment to the rest?
  3. well, as it seems the devs read the reviews here I also wanna say what I think of the game. I was a BIG fan of DS1. It was good to play. No restrictions at all. You could just do what you want and where you want. Everything was quite easy. As I didnt like DS2 i didnt buy it and when I saw the videos and reviews of DS3 I got REALLY excited! and preorderd. Regarding DS3: CONS first: I can't believe a company sells a PC game (maybe thats normal on the console I dont know) where you cant change the key bindings. I'm left handed so WASD sucks like hell because I'd have to put the keyboard 1meter away from the mouse and I dont have that amount of space. Yes I read that it will be patched in but for a first impression that's not positive at all. The camera and the way of controlling it.. why? I dont really know what to say... Locked camera on MP? Never seen that before. If 1 guy doesnt walk the whole team is stuck? And u can#t really zoom out. Seems that is a new trend as I saw it in some newer games. I cant understand that, maybe somebody can enlighten me :D I just hate that as u cant get a good overview of whats going on. And it seems the mic is always on. I just had a look and again, I didnt find any way to configure it. There is sth. to configure the vioce sound but I guess thats the sound volume of the others? You cant play and lvl ur own character in multiplayer mode except u open up a mp game. what the hell is that? never seen it before. takes a lot of time to realize. Is really irritating. Why that? Will it be patched to become a real multiplayer? NEUTRAL: The UI. I know it's a console port and the UI is really console oriented. But it's not sucking as it's quite easy to handle so thats ok. Steam bundling. Well, has positive and less positive sides. PROS: I like the dialogues. I like the story. I like the graphics. In the end, as I cant get used to the playstyle I can't say I like this game. I hope DS4 will be more like DS1. Or anyone just re-make DS1 with better graphics and I will play nothing else :D As I said I only player for a few hous (lik 5 I think). If I missed sth. please tell me I'd be happy =)
  4. i had that problem yesterday and it works now =) just get the update guys =)
  5. edit: ok works now.. plz delete this post :D
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