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  1. I didn't play Dungeon Siege 'back in the day', but I've been playing the first game and its expansion to prepare for this game's release. -Game coming out on consoles: How have you not gotten used to it yet? EVERY developer under the sun has gone to multi-platform release. Every franchise except RTS games have gone this route. 'Dumbing down' isn't always a bad thing. -Simplifications: Lots of things have been simplified, I'll give you that. THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of one of these types of action RPGs has been ENHANCED though! The COMBAT! It was mindless repetition in the first game. Hell,
  2. Sorry if I seem rude, but my goal is not to speak ill of the company, just to defend a series I always liked, and I hope someone agrees with me. And sorry for bad english at times in my text as well. Obsidian, in trying to make a game more extensive to also include players from the consoles in Dungeon Siege series, made ​​a poor game and (worst) damaged PC gamers, launching the worst version of the game to this plataform. It is a great lack of respect with the fans of the series, mainly 'cause the game was born on the PC, and the entire base of fans of the series are on the PC, and it shou
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