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  1. I didn't play Dungeon Siege 'back in the day', but I've been playing the first game and its expansion to prepare for this game's release. -Game coming out on consoles: How have you not gotten used to it yet? EVERY developer under the sun has gone to multi-platform release. Every franchise except RTS games have gone this route. 'Dumbing down' isn't always a bad thing. -Simplifications: Lots of things have been simplified, I'll give you that. THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of one of these types of action RPGs has been ENHANCED though! The COMBAT! It was mindless repetition in the first game. Hell, you could set the party to 'engage', click near a group of enemies take your hand off the keyboard and watch them destroy the enemies. Try that in Dungeon Siege 3. This has been one of my biggest peeves about these action RPGs, from Diablo to Titan Quest, mindless click fests with a health potion thrown in from time to time. This game FIXES that problem! -Generic Scenario: I haven't played Dungeon Siege 2 yet, but what was so outstanding about the first game? Its as generic as it gets and the story is near non-existent. The outstanding aspect of the old Dungeon Sieges was the seamless environments that let you go from a forest to a swamp with no loading. I guess I have my biases, this genre isn't my favorite style of RPG. That is part of the reason I'm enjoying it so far. Dialogue, an interesting story and a combat system that doesn't boil down to clicking the mouse a billion times on an enemy. I dont care the game is going to other plataforms, since it has quality. But lets face that the game style of Dungeon Siege is not good to be played in joysticks... control several units in joysticks is not a good thing. I like dungeon siege not just because of the combat. I like to form my team of diverse heroes, control each one, evolve each one, find loot to each one of them, etc.... this is not possible in the SEQUEL of Dungeon Siege. And the combat is not soo good too, its relative. Somethings are good, others not. I think the scenario of the others dungeon siege were good to the time they were lauched. More impressive then the scenarios of this game are for now. Of course, for limitations of the time in what the past games were launched, the games have problems, but at this time, a Dungeon Siege 3 game should be epic... Take all the things that the other DS games have and make better, and not just forget everything and make a game completely different that should have another name. Well, its what I think. and sorry for having created another topic of unsatisfaction with the game. I was in such a hurry to write that neither saw the other topics. But apparently most of the people is really complaining about the game. Well, that means something...
  2. Sorry if I seem rude, but my goal is not to speak ill of the company, just to defend a series I always liked, and I hope someone agrees with me. And sorry for bad english at times in my text as well. Obsidian, in trying to make a game more extensive to also include players from the consoles in Dungeon Siege series, made ​​a poor game and (worst) damaged PC gamers, launching the worst version of the game to this plataform. It is a great lack of respect with the fans of the series, mainly 'cause the game was born on the PC, and the entire base of fans of the series are on the PC, and it should be the main platform of the game. It can be seen easily that all the simplifications that have occurred in the game are given by the fact that they decided to launch the game on the consoles - probably in an attempt to make more money. There are games that are simply not possible to do on consoles. Strategy games for example, do not work well. RPG games like Dungeon Siege, where you have to control a certain amount of units, each with their inventory, items, settings, magic, etc, either. But why? Because consoles has no keyboard or mouse... So what Obsidian decided to do? It's simple, we will reshape the game! Let's remove the possibility to form and control teams (the biggest crime) - and bye to the mule too - let's change the way the character and camera are controlled, we decrease the amount and complexity of the loot in the game, we completely remove the possibility of making a new character, even the name cannot be changed, let's do characters who have little variety of skills, in fact, we reformulate the whole scheme of skills to the powers become less complex to organize in the joysticks of the consoles, we will make it extremely linear and we still will do a history full of uninteresting characters. Blood and mana potions? Forget, too many buttons... You also dont evolve your habilities as you use wome weapon or magic (another big crime)... Soundtrack? Where is the exciting theme song that plays at the beginning of Dungeon Siege 1 and 2? The game has no exciting song. Graphics? They are beautiful, but the scenarios are a bit generic... So they basically changed all the series had, and made a completely different game, but they put the title Dungeon Siege 3, although the game is more closer to the game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light that some game of the Dungeon Siege series. Except that Lara Croft is a great game and Dungeon Siege 3 is not. In fact, it seems that tried to do a Lara Croft more focused on RPG but in the end did not work. So they made the game focused in the public of the consoles, with their limitations of controls, and then when the game was being converted to PC they made ​​another mess. Rather than adapt the controls and facilitate the movement of the character, not ... movement was very bad. How could complicate something as simple as walking and control the camera in a hack-and-slash RPG? We have to rotate the camera all the time, moving the character with the mouse is bad and with the directional (WASD) is just terrible. And yet, instead of just having to click in a item on the ground for the character to go and pick it up, no, we have to walk to the item and press a button on the keyboard to get him to take the item, something extremely uncomfortable. Dungeon Siege 3 is a total disappointment. I leave here my dissatisfaction with what the company did with the series. I hoped that Dungeon Siege 3 was a good competitor for Diablo 3, but it have no chance, unfortunately. You changed the game soo much that it cannot be called of Dungeon Siege. Please, if you will do another sequel, go back to the style of previous games - or give it back to Gas Powered Games. It can have innovation, but can not be a different game. And focus on the PC, 'cause this game should never have left for the consoles as the main plataform. in short: You simply removed much of the game that formed his identity, just removed - without justification for PC gamers - , and changed the format of the fighting and added bad controls. oh yeah, and where the game could be saved, which is the co-op multiplayer, get disappointed again because the characters are just temporary for that match.
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