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  1. I'm more concerned about the reports that your online character will only save to the person who hosts the game, thus meaning that if you wish to continue that character, you have to find the same host to continue it. I've not tried it yet becuase multiplayer was broken at finding games, which was fixed just before I logged out for the night. If this is the case, then for me, this is a more concerning design flaw than the camera issue.
  2. Well their support blows. I've had a post and a support ticket open for around 10 hours and not a fkin peep. The game crashes every time I click "Find games". Have asked Steam for a refund, but I know i'll end up just biting the bullet with this game. Blows, waited years for this.
  3. I just started the full game. Went through the first part and set the fuses on the bridge. The enemies try to cross and get blown up, then the bridge blows up. After this the screen fades to black and just stays like it permanently, requiring a task manager exit. This was playing as the female shooter. Specs are: Q6600 @3.2ghz ATI 5770 - new 11.6 drivers 4gb RAM Windows 7 Premium I never had this issue in the demo.
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