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  1. Dang, I really do hope they manage to patch this into the game, it's what I loved about dungeon siege 1 as well, being able to pretty much do your own thing as well whilst the other guys in your party would be out doing the game at points and you could even set a teleport spell to get your team mate that was in the main town to your location quickly, I suppose 2 people sharing a screen would be...decent, just 4 players and it would be like when I was playing Cod black ops and your doing dead ops arcade with 4 people, it made it so much more stupidly harder and frustrating then it should of bee
  2. Hi everyone, I'm eager to buy the game but there's really one thing that's stopping me atm, that being in the title of the thread, I've seen some vids on youtube showing some multiplayer but I don't know if that was local co-op or online co-op, the only other DS I played was simply DS1 and I loved that game like crazy and I'm hoping the set up will be the same as DS1, that being when you're online, you have your own screen so you don't have to share with everyone else as I simply think that totally ruins the experience for me, thanks for any replys.
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