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  1. Keep right on interviewing. Got called out of the blue about running a refurbished tool store. May do it, am unsure. Our newer cat got bathed yesterday and likes being cleaner. My older cat is fearing for his life because he's next.
  2. To be fair, the reason Trump survived is because of the mess of candidates leading up to the primaries. Traditional candidates were fighting over the same overall electorate that, as a group, were the majority of the party. Meanwhile Trump managed to touch the base of the party through clever marketing (he had more unpaid screentime than the others because of his on-display ego), and because people didn't believe that he'd follow through on half of what he said (IE he won't actually shutdown the government over something petty...). If the democratic party can get it's **** together and coalesce around somebody without to much ridiculous infighting, they should pull out a fairly easy win from the population that was already anti-Trump, plus those that he's lost due to various factors (for example, farmers who've lost money for almost a year because of tariffs with China).
  3. They do, it's just that the opposition to the executive are always the ones who fight that point while the party that has the executive just shrugs and stamps the paperwork. It's getting worse given the current possibility of criminal issues in the Office but it's just a log flume ride we have to stick with.
  4. City of Heroes (thank god it's back) Rome Total War Tie Fighter Zone of the Enders Metal Gear Solid 2
  5. Went to a friends place for a get together. We were firing an air rifle and I managed to get to close to the scope, giving myself a wonderful gash above my eyebrow. First time I've ever felt blood dripping down my nose.
  6. I'm outside minneapolis with a house/mortgage and everything. Jesus I joined this board 14 years ago. I feel old.
  7. So... been gone a while. Lost my job last month, have an offer letter for a new job (about 7k less per year). Added another cat to my family and am examining my options for the future. Have four more interviews this week that I'm hoping turn into something, and I need to replace my 20 year old acrua integra with something newer. Hopefully the interview with a dealership for an Ops Administrator will get me some traction.
  8. Working, have girlfriend (met at work), am attempting to dig up another promotion while dealing with this whole "owning a house" shindig. I'm eternally tired... is this what being an adult is? Can I go back to when I first joined this board?
  9. A 1 mm pinhole in one of my pipes. They're gonna have to rip out the sauna, and then figure out how to reinstall it. Thank god for insurance.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/40FZ9OU That's currently my bacement less than a month after moving in mostly.] Busted pipe above the bathroom/sauna.
  11. Get my house tomorrow. Trying to get a cargo van from work (which after looking at it doesn't seem like it'd actually help me as much as I thought), and apparently am being blocked because the fleet manager hates my guts. Ho Hum.
  12. I bought a house... well we close next month. But still I have a 3 bed 2 bath house with a sauna.
  13. Old trick... Swim cap (He said 20 days late). Fighting through the Housing market. May be changing jobs to get more income soon. Otherwise Attempting to stay upright.
  14. And got beaten by somebody paying cash over value. *SIGH* Back to the drawing board.
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