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  1. Lazy weekend with my girlfriend. Ended up tuning into "Meet Joe Black" which... the ending with Anthony Hopkins somehow really struck a nerve. Like a Seriously struck a nerve.
  2. not every mission is a shootout. There's also a drunken chase as well! And a few others. But at the same time they are still making a game and nobody wants to load up a game about the rootin tootin wild west to sit down and have a philosophical talk about what it really means to be "free" for an hour.
  3. Isn't that kinda every Rock* game? You play everything normal and quiet and "BANG BANG KACHEW!"
  4. The useless guy. That's a strange one.
  5. Back from the Funeral. Biggest thing much fighting and my brother was an **** (he declared himself the "better son" and did his best to steal anything I looked at Inherentence wise). Did learn of the Ida May Project to rebuild my great Grandfather's boat, back from when he ran an oyster farm. http://www.idamayproject.org/
  6. It's been a hell of a year. Right now I'm rebuilding my financial situation while trying to muscle through a month or two of hell at the office so that something better appears (specifically, they're opening a new office that means I'll be about 15-20 minutes from my house rather than a full hour+ that it is now). Plus the whole "learning a new aspect to my industry" situation.
  7. Depends on your tires, vehicle and drive. on a 4/awd you probably want to swap them all together so that they don't create more issues where they get out of sync. Most consumer tires shouldn't be that expensive for a pair (at least on sedans) I just did 4 on my dads (now mine) 2000 Tundra and that only cost me 800 overall, and when I was at Hertz ordering tires, most of the tires I bought for everything up to a Tahoe generally punched in around 100 bucks a wheel.
  8. I think most of this is going to take care of itself, but I also think that they are going to retrograde a few of their systems to give back some complexity. They'll see what players really attach to (again) in classic and emulate it in the next xpac in some way shape or form. It won't be perfect (obviously) but it may do something like reverting talents to actual trees instead of the polyglot they are now. I do know a lot of my friends are on it seemingly every night, I just can't get into it because I can't get over the initial hump to actually have my class play properly.
  9. If I were to guess I'd say you should probably look into changing the other three tires. That's lookin pretty dang worn there.
  10. I am. I have a house now. Grandfather died though. Still haven't fully processed his, or my grandmothers death last year (My mom's not doing great right now, she's had to deal with four very close deaths in the past 2 years)
  11. Mostly been playing Assassins Creed UNity again. A touch of Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  12. Still here broham. Working for Ryder though, which is A hell of a commute until I finish training then I get to move to a store that's closer to me.
  13. Keep right on interviewing. Got called out of the blue about running a refurbished tool store. May do it, am unsure. Our newer cat got bathed yesterday and likes being cleaner. My older cat is fearing for his life because he's next.
  14. To be fair, the reason Trump survived is because of the mess of candidates leading up to the primaries. Traditional candidates were fighting over the same overall electorate that, as a group, were the majority of the party. Meanwhile Trump managed to touch the base of the party through clever marketing (he had more unpaid screentime than the others because of his on-display ego), and because people didn't believe that he'd follow through on half of what he said (IE he won't actually shutdown the government over something petty...). If the democratic party can get it's **** together and coalesce around somebody without to much ridiculous infighting, they should pull out a fairly easy win from the population that was already anti-Trump, plus those that he's lost due to various factors (for example, farmers who've lost money for almost a year because of tariffs with China).
  15. They do, it's just that the opposition to the executive are always the ones who fight that point while the party that has the executive just shrugs and stamps the paperwork. It's getting worse given the current possibility of criminal issues in the Office but it's just a log flume ride we have to stick with.
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