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  1. Me and the girlfriend watched all of Lucifer over the course of a few weeks. Prior to that was two seasons of Blacklist. Lucifer is Good, although I think they start to fall into their formula to much by the third season. It's based on the Vertigo series and the original ending (season 3's ending) is kinda bad. Netflix picked it up for a season and a half, although that lingering half is still being edited. It's basically your standard "police procedural" set in LA, with Lucifer forcing himself into cases because he likes to punish people (as the former lord of Hell), eventually he becomes a Sherlock style "consultant". Blacklist Is enjoyable but not. It moves far to slowly for it's arcs to really feel strong, and the further along it goes, the more obvious it becomes ego-stroking. I watch it, but the girlfriend gives me glares when I start pointing out how much the show loves Raymond.
  2. Makes sense, Genndy Tartakovsky is the creator of both shows.
  3. Look up John Oliver's bit about Public Defenders. Yes its a very surface level skimming of the various issues that may be a bit mis-construed, but he singles out a few cases. Specifically a guy took a plea for a lesser offense because it would let him go home and see his kids that night, rather than fight to be declared innocent. Because if he fought the charges he wouldn't be able to go home, and could see his kids enter the system because daddy's in jail.
  4. Not exclusively, but it does mean (especially alongside his military service) that he's not been just shrugging his way to his role. He was a Gay Man active in the Navy during Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  5. I wasn't speaking in a political analyst "This man should have won" sort of mentality. I was speaking in terms of who would govern the best. He's a young (relatively), gay, combat vet, and had a pretty good plan to move forward from the pieces I saw. I do think that he'll be a perennial return for the next few cycles just because of his youth, and he could do to get a higher title before his name (Governor probably) for the experiance. From the primaries, push comes to shove, Biden won out of inertia more than anything. Sanders had his base pre-built, Warren wanted Sanders base and to steal some from the middle. Pete was building momentum but couldn't pause the Biden intertia, Amy, Booker, and the rest could barely get a word in edge wise in debates. Even in her home state, I saw more Pete ad's than Amy.
  6. Isn't this in the Deadpool game? Where he extends his censor bar to "Properly hide" his masculinity?
  7. I would argue that right now the primary system ensures that only the two main party candidates get the office of the president because the primary's provide so much news coverage. Within the primaries the most reactionary members of each party (Trump and Sanders for the past two) maintain a really simple and easy position towards the final, because they are far enough from the center their base isn't going to move. The more moderate candidates either quickly figure out who among them is going to be their standard bearer, or they spend so long fighting themselves that the extreme member seems unassailable by the time a leader is sorted out. Personally I think Pete was the best option for President, and would win if we had all the primaries on the same day. But the way things worked out Meh. And GD, if you really want to go back to "usurping powers" you're probably gonna have to move your point back to Teddy Roosevelt.
  8. Look up "Outfoxed" on youtube. It's old (I think it was circa 2006?) and anti-Fox News/News Corp, but it goes through and explains how these techniques are used. They specifically target O'Reilly as he was their biggest commentator for a long time.
  9. Or Space Marines. Or IG or Storm Troopers You "breach and clear" a chaos cult or genestealer nest while trying to save your planet for humanity.
  10. Honestly, when I saw the reviews on it, my brain declared that his needs to be the basis for a 40k game.
  11. True, but then it could also be seen as doing your Civic duty, akin to sitting on a Jury.
  12. As of right now, I don't know what state I'll be living in, what job I'll have, or how many humans I'll be supporting in two weeks time. I HATE that.
  13. Assuming they aren't paid. It would be a HUGE social program, but imagine if kids in high school picked their service during senior year. The kid who loved to yell "OORAH!" would wind up in the military, the girl who REALLY liked the environment would be a councilor at an outdoor-ed program etc. Not forcing anyone to explicitly go into one role or another, but it would force a distance between the kids and their parents to make them more self-reliant, and to get experience in the industry they may choose for the future.
  14. National Service can mean many things. Be it a year in the Peace Corps, Americorp or the Military. Depending on how it was done it could also open a pile of opportunities for those who are less fortunate to have opportunities to experience things outside their own situation. A suburban kid could end up doing outreach in a bad part of Chicago, or a gangbanger could find himself doing humanitarian work in a disaster zone. It saddens me that everyone automatically takes these sorts of proposals and immediately declares it's going to be military conscription to fight in Wars.
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