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  1. I must admit... that sucks. The game is good. Really good.
  2. yes, it happened sometimes, perhaps they need to be shot to the back of the head... Agree, taking the stealth path is brilliant better in hard mode. It only happens with armored enimies. Plus, It's a tranqualizer. You don't knock them out emmidiatly. Shoot them in the head twice to avoid this.
  3. I hope no DLC and straight sequel. I hate DLC. Hate is a very strong word. Besides DLC provides players with something to do wail we wait for something new.
  4. I'd would love a sequal eventually. (First they may want to sort out the bugs I keep hearing about. I haven't seen them but...) First, however, some DLC would be nice. I'd like to get my hands on the DLC with the pistols that have silencers built in.
  5. The game is not meant to be just a stealth game. If a player wants to go in guns blazing they can build a Thorton that is capable of doing that. At the same time if you like stealth, you can go stealth.
  6. I agree, but the big difference is that all the bugs the OP's are talking about are in the PC version. The Xbox version is almost bug free and plays more smoothly than the PC version. You can compare in the tech forums and see how many posts are for the PC and for the consoles, so far in Xbox there are about 4 meanwhile for the PC there are about 74... I am the OP. I know what I am talking about.
  7. I got the 360 version. I'm on my second playthrough, and I haven't seent any of these.
  8. After I beat the game for the first time is it possible to the same Thortan (my level and abilities) for another playthrought, or do I have to start over?
  9. I really did enjoy it. This is one of my favorite games now.
  10. I played through with maybe one or two bugs, which were minor annoyances at worst. I fail to see how the game is a "buggy mess" as some are making it out to be. What were the problems? I found nothing. The game ****ing awesome.
  11. I just finished my first playthrough and... there weren't any bugs. I heard there was bugs. Where they at? Does anyone have a list of the supposed bugs?
  12. Not sure if I'd romance her if I could. She does look like a badass though. Badass is a respectable profession.
  13. I doubt she'll be as popular as Tali. I still don't understand it. Looks intriging though.
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