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  1. So, okay, it's been a while, I want to make sure I've got everything straight. I'm Kreyzak, obyknven, and Cyclone Man, right?
  2. By the way, just so we're clear, when I said this was "historically inaccurate," I was referring to how this had no basis whatsoever in reality. The modern defaulting of custody to the mother is a consequence of the "Tender Years Doctrine," a doctrine introduced in the 19th century which became legal standard until its de jure (but not de facto) removal fairly recently. It was introduced by... A feminist.
  3. And I explained my point of view, which is that such cultural backdrop is irrelevant to actual suffering. Perhaps an alternative explanation would assist: Since it's demonstrates a fantastic ability to state the obvious, in light of no one claiming otherwise.Perhaps you should read whatshisfaces posts where he claims that the website linked in the OP is a horrible misogynist hellhole for discussing the ways in which men are unfairly discriminated against in modern society?
  4. And I'm sure at 15 you'd TOOOOOOTALLY ignore the advances of a hot person who's older than you. Tooooootally. I would, in fact, not ignore the advances of such a person when I was fifteen. They would almost certainly make me uncomfortable, just as most any sexual advance made by an individual in a position of temporal authority over me would make me at any point in my life. More importantly than my personal reaction, however, is the question of whether or not these acts qualify as rape. Whether or not the perpetrator was hot is besides the point. A rapist is a rapist, regardless of how
  5. That logic is so ****ing absurd and disgusting. If when he had been raped (bolded for reminding everyone that having sex with a 15 year old when you are 34 is rape) he had signed a contract which amounted to "you do some things for me, I'll pay you $10k when I'm 18," it would be voidable and basically unenforceable. But because he was raped, and some piece of **** family law judges decided he "voluntarily" engaged in sexual intercourse, his "consent" counts? But, oh, perhaps if he'd been 13 at the time it wouldn't. Also it's nice that even judges use the phrase "seduce" to describe chil
  6. The idea that men never face discrimination for being men is one of the most absurd concepts the feminist movement ever tossed out. Sexism is not, and has not ever been, a one way street, unlike most other forms of discrimination. Whites do not serve more time for the same crime than blacks. Cisgendered heterosexuals are not more likely to be homeless than LGBT people. The rich are not less likely to make it to college than the poor. The disabled are not more likely to get custody of their kids than able-bodied people. Et cetera. This isn't really historically accurate, but more to
  7. It must be cool to base all your opinions about reality on the most blatant of suppositions and boring of strawmen. It probably takes a lot less time and effort than basing them on reason or evidence.
  8. Article If you had sat me down in a room and told me to come up with the most awful legal ideas, I would never, in a million years, have come up with this ****. You almost have to laugh at how absurdly, unbelievably evil this is, and "evil" isn't a term I use lightly. **** this planet, I want off.
  9. Is it also racist to notice that East Asian people are more likely to speak Mandarin than white people? To point out that other cultures have different rules for eye contact, personal space, and touch? My god. I never knew. That's a mirror.
  10. lol your country literally killed more people than Stalin could've ever dreamed, and you call it "blessed". C'mon, son.
  11. Not really. Nobody's asking for the latter. Because the people who disagree with me, are, in this case, intolerant?? Shocking. Go ahead, underline it. Please. I'm desperately waiting with baited breath for you to explain how I'm so racist that I can correctly identify your race by your connection to certain cultural ideas that are virtually exclusively the domain of white people? I notice you've yet to say "aha, but I'm not white!" because you are, and I'm right.
  12. I'm the one acting like a child? You're the one who literally, literally, not figuratively but literally, is taking your ball and going home.
  13. No, but some of the posters in this thread do, and they're who I'm arguing with. Right, so let's remove heterosexuals and men, so as not to reinforce a political agenda. So because it's a game, it shouldn't include any political issues at all. Problem: this is literally impossible. Because...? I'm being intolerant of intolerance. How horrible. Good question. Let me answer it. This: is how I know you're white. Literally no one is arguing for this. I know you live in some ridiculous alternate universe where everyone who disagrees with you wants 22nd century social mores in their socially medieva
  14. Please, feel free to explain how misogynistic writing is appealing to people who are not misogynists. Go on. I'm waiting.
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