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  1. First game's story is decent. At least it had a point. Grieving Mother talks way too much though I grant you. I've never found anything terribly funny in either one.
  2. Actually, you totally can. PoE1's story happens without you as written. Because the story of PoE 1 is the Leaden Key doing the Hollowborn thing. And they actually succeed. You come to every site too late, they've already done their little dances. You're always behind Thaos. He gets down to the bottom of Sun-in-Shadow way before you do (as you've got sidequesting to do, and he just paused to collapse a doorway) he has enough soul energy from all those soulless kids to do exactly what he intends to do (empower Woedica), and just needs to flip a few more switches on the machine to do it.
  3. Nice of Josh to be so candid on a dying niche forum. I know official forums suck but why SA of all places?
  4. Agree on many points in your post, but just wanted to point out, that from the writers perspective the Watcher had the benefit of already knowing the Big Secret from the first game. If you were someone else, then they'd either have to ignore it or have the new character learn the same thing we already knew as players, which would probably be pretty lame. The big secret is pretty irrelevant in this game given how big it would seem to be.
  5. A game you can suffer setbacks in, perhaps even lose? A game where the story and gameplay feed each other instead of hamper each other? Oh the horror.
  6. It only gets mentioned a couple of times, but apparently you can't stray too far away from Eothas because you start feeling worse. Your crew had to chase him while you were chatting with Berath in the prologue just to keep ypu alive. Also, when Eothas gives you back a piece of your soul at Hasongo, it is stated that you get some memories back with it. So yeah... I guess you do have memory loss but it's conveyed poorly in the game. Yeah you're technically a soul twin with Eothas after that but I guess they got so many complaints about how they handled the Watcher gradually going insane in
  7. No it's not. I can easily play 1 on normal even with that annoying setting that makes the aoe's invisible that I accidentally picked my last pt, but I tried 2 on PotD with some Berath's blessings and it really is a lot harder lmao. Aloth, Xoti and the character I made at the inn dropped inatantly, and mobs kept going after my main instead of Eder, I also found myself using tons of items, and downright gave up on some fights. None of that applied to my P1 playthroughs on normal. Also people forget that P1 was kind of unbalanced after the addon content. It's challenging until after you did W
  8. That just says it all doesn't it. It's like if J. K. Rowling was one of the best fiction authors in existence. I mean it's not bad but there has to be more that can be done than this.
  9. They didn't say it was this much smaller. They acted like it was only somewhat smaller. Deadfire shouldn't have involved the Watcher or Eothas at all and just been a game about the factions since that seems to be what they wanted to make. Instead both sides of the game just diminish the other.
  10. If that's all they wanted the narrative they chose is very inappropriate for it. And I'd have appreciated if they'd been more forthright about just how small the main quest was. they said it would be smaller than Pillars 1 but this is a pretty tiny fraction of Pillars' 1's main quests.
  11. I think maybe they should just stop trying to please everyone and either go full Morrowind or stick with a purely main quest focused game. They don't have the resources to do both justice.
  12. OP is absolutely correct. Pillars 1 starts with a caravan of people blindly groping along the road with indifferent stars (Gods) refusing to reveal what they know. The prologue ends with Glanfathan warriors trying to kill you to please Gods who will never actually respond to them. Maerwald is at war with two different versions of himself who committed terrible crimes against each other because each thought it was what their gods wanted. Edér doesn't know if his brother betrayed his country and if so, why, and never will. Aloth becomes totally lost after losing contact with his superiors in
  13. Deadfire is far, far easier than Pillars 1. Not even a comparison. The only challenge to be found on PotD is by deliberately going to areas intended for characters 4 or more levels higher than you.
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