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Found 11 results

  1. Things I like: Rangers. They're good at ranged DPS and I like ranged DPS characters. Maia. Her commentary is funny and her personal quest is interesting. Ishiza as a character. Stinkfeathers is a good bird, despite only liking me for my meat. Things I do not like: Microing Animal Companions. If I could take the option to have a Ranger with no Animal Compaion or force every Ranger to be a Ghost Heart, I would. Unfortunately, Maia is a Gunhawk. Bonded Grief. I especially dislike Bonded Grief when my party gets AOE'd and there's very little I can do to stop an Animal Companion from dying and tanking my Ranger's effectiveness. Ishiza as a combatant. His damage and durability are just not high enough to be useful, especially on POTD. He regularly gets shot to death or blown up with the rest of the party, and the only way to keep him alive consistently is to send him to the furthest corner away from enemies when the fighting starts. What I want: The ability for Maia to pick up Ishiza to remove him from active play. Nothing extravagant, just a dialogue option that stores/retrieves Ishiza from Maia's pack like the Familiars from Baldur's Gate. I noticed how badly I wanted this when I was screwing around on Poko Kohara and Maia's mentioned putting Ishiza in her pack because of the poor weather conditions. I'm really tired of Ishiza getting dunked on by enemy ranged attacks and AOE and I'd like the ability to put the bird away so she's not such a pain to have along. I tried modifying the files to remove her Bird Companion ability as part of her progression and, surprisingly, it worked perfectly. Her dialogue doesn't experience any bugs without Ishiza there (except for a missing portrait), so such a feature wouldn't cause any major hiccups for her conversations. Hell, you wouldn't even need to record new dialogue - the bark line she uses for Poko Kohara would be perfect for the pick-up, and her line demonstrating her "come" command would be perfect for retrieval.
  2. Hi, I know the reasoning why Maia simply glares at me, since I let her brother die in the first game. But this makes some quests and conversations unplayable/unenjoyable. I just (almost) finished quest "The Courier's Calling" apart from the part where I need to "Talk to Maia upon her return". And since I can't talk to her, because "Maia simply glares at me", I cannot finish this quest. The conversation button is also always popping up during the game, cause she wants to talk to me about my decisions, but I just can't talk to her at all.
  3. Hi, Maia has a speech bubble on her portrait ("Maia wants to talk to you!") but no new dialogue once the conversation is started. I tried reloading, traveling to a different map and restarting the game, nothing worked. Here's my savegame file (with the speech bubble), I've uploaded it to Dropbox since it's too big to attach. Output log and dxdiag are attached below. I'd appreciate any help you can offer! DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  4. After dealing with Benweth during the Blow the Man Down quest (by following Mirke's suggestion) I talked with Mirke to recruit her and Maia chimed in, even though she's not in the party and was never recruited. Like so:
  5. So I just recently finished my first playthrough of Deadfire and am looking forward to getting the DLC and playing through it again. However, I had two endings that really bothered me. The first is due to a bug where Pallegina leaves me for absolutely no reason, but I've already reported them. The second, however, bothers me 100% more, because I could have changed it. So. I romance Maia and max out her relationship, but her ending slide results in the "Dishonorable Discharge" ending which ultimately ruined my Watcher's relationship. My question is, is there a way to side with the Principi (Furrante) AND get the ending where Maia remains in the Navy, but she is convinced what they are doing is wrong? Any help would be dope. Thank you.
  6. Something really cool in this game is the way some of the mechanics, quests, and storylines surprised me. The direction(s) the game took instead usually make a lot of sense, too, but go against what a player used to typical RPG patterns. Examples!: Romance - As a disclaimer, I'm not really into the romance feature of RPG's generally. I've been listening to that content and the negative rep conversations post-facto because I wanted more PoE content and I've already beaten the game, and probably won't ever go the routes needed to see the content naturally. That said, although I know it upset and disappointed some people, I really liked that PoE2 doesn't make the whole party deeply in love with you and champing at the bit to date you. The romance mechanic kept in mind the people in your party, their personalities and personal interests, and determined if they'd ever be interested and, if they are, what kind of relationship they'd be interested in/okay with. It actually adds a level of depth that's really neat! I'd say every companion handles it differently, but the most notable examples that drift from the typical RPG set-up that I can think of are Serafen, Eder and Pallegina. Serafen is completely cool with flirting and casual sex, but doesn't want a relationship. Eder and Palegina are no where near an emotional place to even be interested. And even Aloth, while technically romanceable, won't ever engage you himself and will reject you unless you're in a specific situation. There's no magic way to make them change their minds by just being charming or the main character, either. --- Maia's Quest - This is one of my favorite examples (I've seen someone else mention this earlier, too). RPG's have ingrained the idea that every companion needs help with something personal, and that helping them out is the nice and right thing to do. Generally, if there's a gray zone or a questionable moment, you're usually given the chance or expected to correct your companion's direction. Usually doing otherwise is the evil or wrong thing to do. Maia's quest completely manipulates you and those assumptions into potentially doing some horrible things. It comes off as banal and helpful at first, but there's obviously something wrong, there's no way to get anyone to admit what, and there's no way to stop Maia from doing it altogether or change her mind before she's already done something horrible. You have to either already know the consequences or go off your own suspicions to decide to go against the objectives, which completely goes against the player mentality. And you have to pretty much be a **** about it - which at least in my case, is extremely uncomfortable. The way the quest objectives and its story works does a great job at showing how the RDC works and thinks, and how Maia works and thinks. And it's especially fitting that a quest that manipulates player assumptions like this comes from Atsura. --- Eothas's Storyline - This one is a little more finnicky. But I really liked the ethical issue his storyline brought up, in part because it felt like a storyline a main character in an RPG might do. Eothas is trying to do the ultimately right thing, in his eyes, by giving kith the opportunity to see what the gods are and gain independence and freedom from them. But the actions he's taking to make that goal are morally reprehensible - sacrificing and killing hundreds (thousands?) to do it, with no choice or say on their part, and potentially dooming the entire universe without anyone else's say. It's interesting, because that's the kind of thing a player character can and often does. To some extent. Often RPG's give you morally gray or questionable choices for the ultimate greater good. Often getting the best result involves killing several people. This, and Wael's comment about how the main character, "reaps, but on a smaller scale" like the gods, made me start to feel a lot more uncomfortable with the choices I was making for other people and the people I was hurting or killing to get an end positive result. I have at least one more example that I like, but this is already kind of a wall of text, so I'll hold off on that.
  7. When I talked to Maia/Fassina/Ydwin and they agreed to join the party, they did not appear in the party management window and when I initiate dialogue again their replies are the same as when they're on the ship (e.g. *Ydwin nods sharply*). I completed "He Waits in Fire" before going to Neketaka. Maia's ending slide was shown. Steam, v., all DLC. Attached files: save game before recruiting Ydwin; endgame save (before talking to Eothas). https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17oT2M0FZEV-1rYWxytJj6j0FUnkUBxtX?usp=sharing
  8. I got Maia a little while ago, but only just started having her in the party because I wanted some other people around to do certain quests in Neketaka. Despite this, she just brought up the romance option. I'm guessing because of my reputations in personality traits or my choices in Neketaka or something. I wasn't really planning on doing the romance, but I've only had one intro conversation with her and I really like Maia as a character so far, so I'd be bummed to miss out on Maia stuff. Is there going to be many interactions after this, if I reject the romance thread? Like conversations and reactions?
  9. Currently, Maia and Tekehu's romance dialogues start very early. Roughly, it only takes three or four disposition "points" (as indicated by the dialogue screen of them approving) for them to proposition the Watcher; Disposition level 1 is not even required.
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