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  1. Hey, I had the same bug and got the reply that the issue is known and is being investigated, no fix for now it seems. If any devs are reading this, I'd still appreciate clarification on if this is a matter of new dialogue not triggering when it should, or just a visual bug where the speech bubble is there even though no new lines are supposed to be unlocked.
  2. Same's been happening to me, during the Nemnok fight. Save file is here. Here are the steps to recreate the bug: 1. Talk to Nemnok, agree to deliver the grimoires. 2. Walk over and take the quarterstaff from the middle chest, near Nemnok. 3. Everyone attacks, at some point the whole party is downed except Pallegina, who is at 0 HP yet still has her battle cries and the fight doesn't end no matter how much damage is done to her. Weirdly, I had another save called "Nemnok Fight Bug", from right before the fight, after the talks are done, which I intended to submit. But now when I load that one, the fight works as intended. I'm still linking it, in case it turns out to be useful. Also, here are some screenshots of the situations. The last one shows active effects on Pallegina, who is the only one fighting with no health in this instance (just recreated to test it). The first two screenshots are older from when I first got the bug Eder and Xoti are alive with 0 HP in them too. Also, that "-2147483648" string pictured in the second screenshot is the same one OP is getting; I'm guessing it's related to this particular bug. OP, try loading the save from before entering the barrows and going in with a different set of companions. Nemnok fight worked for me eventually, but I used a different approach (picking an [attack] option through dialogue).
  3. I'm not sure this warrants a whole new thread, so I'm bumping this to ask about sorting stash by item type. The feature was in PoE and I was surprised to see it gone in Deadfire, as it would be very useful; I acquired a lot of items and looking for e.g. what pistols I have, or Oil of Allure, or what traps I could use, etc. means looking over a whole bunch of icons, unsure where a specific one might be. I'd look into modding this in, but it's very unlikely to be possible, sorting is probably hard-coded. How do other people feel? Anyone else really missing this feature? I haven't found any official plans to incorporate it.
  4. Hi, here are a couple of small bugs with (anti-Leaden-Key) Aloth's approval system: 1. Talking to Rabyuna with Aloth and Tekehu in the party, Aloth disapproves of a Tekehu's prideful response, but the Watcher gets negative approval. 2. Asking Tekehu "What do you hope to gain by finding Ngati's covenant on Ukaizo?" has him give a pro-autonomy response, so Aloth approves... every time. It's not just cosmetic, it actually raises the total score. 3. Also, there's no quotes for any of his reactions to Autonomy. Here's a save game file from The Wild Mare where these conversations haven't been initiated yet, so you can reproduce the bugs easily. Dxdiag and output log are attached below. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  5. Thank you for the reply. So to be clear - this isn't a matter of the speech bubble erroneously being there when there's no new dialogue; there *is* new dialogue that I should be getting, but I'm not?
  6. Hi, Maia has a speech bubble on her portrait ("Maia wants to talk to you!") but no new dialogue once the conversation is started. I tried reloading, traveling to a different map and restarting the game, nothing worked. Here's my savegame file (with the speech bubble), I've uploaded it to Dropbox since it's too big to attach. Output log and dxdiag are attached below. I'd appreciate any help you can offer! DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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