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  1. Maybe you miss having to spam spell protection debuffs just to have the hopes of dealing damage to a wizard? Or Aerie's incredibly cringeworthy "oh no i'm having a baby okay hi here's the baby!!!"? Perhaps you miss the near hundred different ways instant death can reach out and touch you? How about class balance being so violently out of whack that there's literally no reason to use several classes and kits outside of roleplaying? Baldur's Gate 2 was a good game for its time, but it has many flaws. Whether or not it's a "better" game than POE or Deadfire is entirely subjective,
  2. I straight-up modified the character files so Maia never has the Bird Companion ability in the first place. It worked wonders. I think overhauling the Ranger class is a bit outside of the scope of the discussion. While I also feel that Rangers need a little something, right now I'm focused on having a method to put away Ishiza so I don't have to use a mod to get rid of him.
  3. Things I like: Rangers. They're good at ranged DPS and I like ranged DPS characters. Maia. Her commentary is funny and her personal quest is interesting. Ishiza as a character. Stinkfeathers is a good bird, despite only liking me for my meat. Things I do not like: Microing Animal Companions. If I could take the option to have a Ranger with no Animal Compaion or force every Ranger to be a Ghost Heart, I would. Unfortunately, Maia is a Gunhawk. Bonded Grief. I especially dislike Bonded Grief when my party gets AOE'd and there's very little I can do to stop an Animal Companion from dyin
  4. In the 1.1 Beta, the Sky Dragon Wurm is missing from the Oathbinder Sanctum even though my history does not involve killing the Sky Dragon. I am using the same POE Ending Save as I did in the live version of the game, where the Sky Dragon Wurm was properly present.
  5. Not much else to say, I just really want a simple and straightforward "Combat Start" condition for one-time things like Ghost Heart Companion or other opening volley attacks that I'd rather not use more than once.
  6. Properly clarifying its effects would be as simple as stating that it reduces the Recovery Penalty Value rather than the Recovery Penalty itself. Although I personally believe that the former solution (the flat 25% reduction) would be better - otherwise it's rather weak.
  7. Armored Grace lists that it reduces the Recovery Penalty from Armors by 25%, but the actual reduction is consistently less than that across all armor types. This means that either: Armored Grace should reduce Recovery Penalty via Armor by a flat 25%.OR The tooltip/description of Armored Grace should be amended to reflect that the reduction is based on the armor type.
  8. My only major complaint with Deadfire after sinking 76 hours into it is the presence of enemies with Immunity to Common Damage Types (Piercing/Slashing/Crushing) and its impact on the gameplay experience. Now, before I get into it, I want to say that I can understand and appreciate Elemental Immunities - typically the only sources of pure elemental damage are spells, and usually if you're running into enemies with elemental immunities you can just cast a different spell. But outright resistance to the Common Damage Types sets my teeth on edge because it produces particularly strange logic in s
  9. Lil' Woody disappears from her position in Dunnage if you enter Giacolo's room in the Hole after learning the location of the Godlike Pirates. This renders The Man Of Chimes unable to be completed.
  10. Someone took a tweet from JSawyer saying "we're targeting Tuesday" to mean "there will be a patch Tuesday" instead of "we're working on a patch that we hope will be ready on Tuesday".
  11. I wish that the Animal Companion was optional for all Ranger types, not just Ghost Heart. Rangers make fantastic ranged DPSes (especially Ranger/Fighter and Ranger/Rogue), but I don't want to have to deal with microing the extra body (and for that matter, dealing with Bonded Grief). I would be extremely happy with an option that gave you no Animal Companion and instead gave you... I don't know, +1 to all Skills or something.
  12. Ooh, can't wait. Is there any chance we could see more than 3 options in game, or is it just to change the default 3? I haven't gotten deep enough to figure out how to increase the amount of options you have, but you can definitely add/alter whatever 3 classes you want.
  13. Turns out that altering ProgressionTables is what did the trick. I'll see about writing up a guide on how to alter companion classes here soonish.
  14. They're just .json files. You can use any non-formatted text editor on them (such as Notepad). I personally recommend Sublime Text Editor.
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