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  1. I skipped PoE I and DD:OS 2 why? because it doesn't have voice acting. Its 2018 and while it might sound entitled, I will not play a modern RPG without voice acting. And i haven't encountered any game breaking bugs after the 2nd playthrough, so I dunno. But yeah, the game is too easy, but thats not a bug...
  2. Where are you getting this from? When and where did Josh address the topic? on his blog https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/
  3. obviously the devs want that the game can be a challenge otherwise we would only have storymode where players can be gods, so nerfs or adjustments are to expected. Withe absurd damage numbers that can be achieved atm, like 2k + screen nukes, they would have either have to buff monsters to 3k hp+ or nerf players.
  4. 1) We do have to take items into account because it affects how the class play after a certain point and weapon classes are especially balanced around using them as only magic and pure skill scale with level and benefit from higher base damage. Perk of playing a single-ranger. Other class can't just pick up a rifle, shoot down a squishy, switch to a dual saber, dash in and spam Heart of Fury for AoE damage. Majority of them can only do half of that. Either pure melee, Pure range spell OR mixed melee tanky. Don't even need the 50k gun unless you want long-range single target damage. The triple ice bow that inflict AoE on crit is also op on ranger because of their high accuracy allowing them to abuse the proc way better than most classes especially with bounce so you can't just cross that off the list because Monk exists. https://i.imgur.com/5dEKDse.png Done with a single AWS at level 14. Can't wait for Twin shot in 2 more levels. Money is also inflated in this game anyway. Don't even need to abuse the fish merchant. Hunt a few high level bounty around and that's already enough money to upgrade the bow to legendary. Weapon user are expected to have legendaries by at most level 14 anyway if they want to be able to keep up with casters. Any earlier than that and casters can't compete until they unlock T9. 2) 200 easy crit shot at mid-level isn't weak especially when you consider it also bounce for 150 ish more. Most Druid/mages only have Tier 5 spells and will do around 150 assuming they empower-crit. Throw in 7x normal Evasive Fire that deals 70-90 damage every 0.5 seconds because it has no recovery time and you can see how ridiculous the ranger dps can be. Empowering the skill isn't even the best choice on ranger anyway and you only use it to gip the squishy bosses. Just empower the char for resource point and spam more evasive fire because it has no recovery. Evasive fire also scales with PL not with gear so it deals more damage as you level up. Imagine it 20 where it can function like a single-target salvo for bosses if you're willing to dash in the same location 15 times, just a bit behind because it's not empowered. It's great being able to deal both sustain damage and burst damage at any range. 3) Pets are trash because they don't scale well even if you pour tons of talent on em. Also, ranger weapon do work with melee weapon too unless stated other wise, like Evasive fire only deal damage with ranged and the T8 skill is either melee only or range only. The +20 accuracy full attack strike? Work with Dual-saber just fine. It's a 1-bond spell for easy double crit against whatever ranger marked with minimal recovery time. The only thing the top broken pick atm really has over single-ranger is the infinite life buff that can easily be denied if they just give the enemy ranger concussive shot that -30s off all buffs. It's not even hard to code this because the game use the same AI system we have. The only thing we have atm is the Risen mage using Wall of Draining and that's lolwhatajoke. Thats not the ranger class carrying thats frostseeker being frostseeker and you can do the same with a rogue/monk... just better
  5. Proper reincarnation prolly means he wanted his son, as a person, back, and not only his soul. Hence he created the statue in the imagine of his son. Otherwise the soul of his son would most likely fuel a different being, another human, animal or whatever. Since the Engwithans knew they are no gods, there was also no god that could grant him the wish of reincarnating his son, so he had to advise a plan to do it himself somehow. And we already know that souls are drawn to the Adra. Could also means he just didn't want the soul of his son to be messed up in the reincarnation process, as all sorts of things can go wrong there. The gods are not needed for the reincarnation process, but the process is needed for the gods, as the souls fuel them. Each time a being is reborn with a soul, the soul weakens, as a tiny part of it gets chipped off to sustain the gods. Without the process the gods would die, hence they have all the reason to keep the wheel going.
  6. killing the magma dragon in ashens maw gives you 4 items which allow you to upgrade 4 pieces of items to legendary for free not sure if the water drake drops the same (didnt kill him)
  7. some people in there should really learn something about "sources" especially when talking about retconning literally almost all informations we have about the wheel or lore in general comes from in game characters which all have they own agenda, motives and so on, these are all things considered not trustworthy sources we have no writer, dev or whatever conforming anything as these questions are most likely answered in a DLC or PoE3, you guys really think the devs or writers did not expect this question to raise up? .. please, its literally the first thing that comes to mind.. the poe 3 plot will most likely all be around a "new" reincarnation circle, maybe revert it back to a state before the wheel (if there was one), maybe just restore it, or maybe create something new, etc pp all i want for poe3 is the option to tinker with the wheel once you unlock your 20+ mechanics skill to fuel all the souls into yourself so you can ascend to godhood and bash wodicas face in *shrug*
  8. I think my biggest disappointment is the amount of range damage and range skills you can acquire when picking the ranger. You have literally zero AoE options which would be fine if you had a lot of single DPS to compensate, but you don't even have that. You don't even have access to any generic charm beast spells or something like that, imo the class has too many utility pet skills which are all required to make the pet usable like heal pet, rez pet, masters call and so on, but they all provide no damage. Personally I think these spells should be automatically gained when leveling up as a ranger and therefor get replaced with more "fun" skills, like actually buffing your pet or any other summoned animal to do more damage and the whole generic skills we know and love about rangers in other RPGS. The whole tree is riddled with skills which are all required to provide QOL to the pet handling but offer little in return. Either buff the pet to absurd numbers to make it worthwhile or change something about the skills.
  9. You shouldn't buy or play PoE, then. You won't be happy. Buy and play a different game. You should be happy. Joe To be fair. Most classes have the choice on what to pick. Play a wizard? You can play a nuker, summoner, or even a melee, you are not forced into a game mechanic. Ranger? Yeah, have your pet no matter what you do.
  10. Well, that rather seems like the weapon is very very strong, not so much ranger itself. Where to get the bow tho?
  11. Is it me or are rangers bad yet again? In PoE 1 they were bad, and it looks like in PoE 2 they are bad again. I have come across no "meta" build that implements any sort of ranger class. What do you guys think can be done to maybe buff them a little. Imo they need better scaling abilities and maybe a general pet buff. Also it seems like unique bow/xbow weapons are rather hard to find, while the game throws lots of swords, maces and 2 hand weapons at you.
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