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  1. First, game IS completed, it's already bigger and better than poe1. Second, release game in Autumn with Red Dead Redemption 2 and other phat AAA games is financial suicide for small company.
  2. no, her default desire was help souls to get back to Wheel since Eothas is dead and it was his job to do. And after you helping Xoti collect few souls, she asking to visit Gaun's statue to relsease this souls. which is good thing to do, i think.
  3. Yea, but YOU also can convince her to not release souls and keep them in lanter. that's how quest branching in RPG's works, it's always players decision. at least that's how i see it.
  4. [Xoti's quest ending spoiler warning, just in case] During her quest, i convince her to give souls from Lanter to Animancers, and she said, after it her nightmares are gone and lantern feels light as never before. so... good ending? maybe?
  5. is she? i think she's nice, helping dead people to get back to the Wheel. Well, maybe if you push her to Gaun, she will become more darker and cruel person, but in my game she's very nice.
  6. ok, i'll try again, maybe i missed something. Thank you for hints. Upd: yep, i snuck to dude near elevator, unstealthed, talk to him and he send me to his captain! Cheers!
  7. i should talk with someone particular or with any? i met few pirates without names, they was hostile. Hmmm... bummer. will try to sneak to boat with little killing much.
  8. killing pirates lower my reputatuin with Príncipi. i'd like to avoid it. But good to know about boat, thank you.
  9. Is anyone knows how to get out from Old City? I found cave with Pirates and elevator up to black market, but i'd like to avoid this area and not lose my reputation with them, yet. i want to leave this area and get to black market through upper enterence. I found trasure hunter dude, and helped him escape through river(?), but i didn't find it to escape myself.
  10. i did, and it spectacular. i found lizard dudes' camp, there was 5 or 6 of them and they stood next to 3 gunpowder barrels. my party was in stealth mode, i pick Wizard and slowely approached on distance of throwing Fireball. Fight was started and ended instantly. Too bad, you can't carry barrels with you, like in Original sin. :D
  11. i'm from non-english speaking country, and i like when game have variety of accents, no matter whence this accents from. I believe Xoti have southern american accent(?), i like it. not as much as ireland or scottish accents, but still very pleasant to listen.
  12. where this server search? when i press 'new server' button, it ask to create sever or join one. and to join you need invite link. i'm missing something?
  13. is there's way to make permanent invite link? this expire too quickly.
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