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  1. gotcha, thx for the update, not on these forums much these days so didn't catch that before..
  2. Hey there guys, Any news/update on the PS port? I believe after MS acquired Obsidian it was reiterated that there would be a PS port incoming. I'm still sitting on 2 unclaimed keys for my PS friends, it'd be nice for them to be able to load up PoE2 at some point in the not-too-distant future. thanks! edit: I should throw in here. Great game, thanks for the continued updates & support. If the game sucked, I wouldn't be asking for PS keys for my buds. Cheers & thanks, both PoE's have been well worth backing 110%..
  3. This was touched upon in the twitch stream. In any event, IIRC, they /are/ generated from game engine data, so even though it says 0.00, it probably is something else, like 3 or 6 or whatever it's supposed to be. They didn't say this, specifically, but it sounds like the bug is in translating the value to the item description, not in the description, or item value themselves. Someone feel free to step in and clarify/correct this if I'm inaccurate. Hope this helps,
  4. Poke, still an issue after the latest patch . (guessing it wasn't supposed to be included, but if it was, it wasn't fixed.) cheers.
  5. Oh, I got it, and then told that assassin to shove off because I was sent to kill her... but I overpaid, is the deal..
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jur3g1skdkr10ga/Annam%20%28cbaa4300-7a1b-4073-8c05-c7352bf2d9f0%29%20autosave_0.savegame?dl=0 This is a savegame when one enters Takano's estate, in the conversation tree enter the following options (except I didn't mention "1" when that's the only choice) 1 2 read his soul 1 1 I need the Cornett 2 I can pay 2 Fix up the place 3 Bluff If you read the convo, it's supposed to offer him 2150cp with the #3 "Bluff" selection. However, if you look at the attached screenie, for some reason upon quest completion you also lose 1169? I think this is a bug, unless I'm missing something here. Cheers, -tid242
  7. that one certainly doesn't appear to have anything to do with not being able to get close enough..
  8. Might have blown that one away. It's happened more than once tho, when I get back home I'll try to kill myself off again and link you a save. cheers
  9. When your party dies in combat, shouldn't there be some sort of party death UI notification that prompts users to reload or whatever. I just had a party wipe for the first time and then just sat there and watched my pet run around with a bunch of skeletons standing there..
  10. Kind of an off-topic question: Anyone have any information/speculation as to whether 'The Gullet' in Neketaka and 'The Gullet' in Torment are connected at all? As I recall, the Torment: Numenara Gullet is an intrerdimensional 'thing' that may connect various other worlds or whathaveyou. I haven't fought my way through the entire old city yet, but the thought's crossed my mind.. You have to admit that the naming convention is interesting.. Or maybe it's just a hat-tip to InXile.. thoughts? -tid242
  11. I've noticed this too. I don't think it's a matter of being able to 'reach' the areas per se (although there might be some proximity check on some of them??). But in my case it's more like it's 'difficult' to click on the magnifying glass icon sometimes. 99% of the time I can do it tho while holding the 'tab' key, not sure if this is universal or not, but I have yet to come across one that really bent me out of shape not being able to read. Not sure if it's because I can eventually read them 100% of the time, or if I don't care that much 100% of the time. I'll try to pay closer attention and post again if I have any stupendous discoveries.. Edit: hahha, I spoke too soon. It just so happened that my last save location had one that I couldn't click on.. See screenshot attached This is on the map "Imperial Command - Lower" In the Brass Citadel in Nakataka..,
  12. I was just informed that the inviting for this channel is down, currently. Waiting for an invite myself... But, this one's open for business. https://discordapp.com/invite/obsidian hope this helps, cheers -tid242
  13. Ah cool, I would've grabbed audio of it if I could have, but I don't really have a good copy/paste program to do that with. Thanks.
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