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  1. So do you mean complete her quest and then after joining the Principi don't talk to her again?
  2. So I just recently finished my first playthrough of Deadfire and am looking forward to getting the DLC and playing through it again. However, I had two endings that really bothered me. The first is due to a bug where Pallegina leaves me for absolutely no reason, but I've already reported them. The second, however, bothers me 100% more, because I could have changed it. So. I romance Maia and max out her relationship, but her ending slide results in the "Dishonorable Discharge" ending which ultimately ruined my Watcher's relationship. My question is, is there a way to side with the Princ
  3. I've had the same problem. I have her at max positive and the VTC is just as high. However, suddenly, after siding with the Principi (Furrante) I get this letter from her saying I've repeatedly done damage to the VTC. It's right before Ukaizo to so I'm waiting for a fix otherwise I won't finish the game for a while.
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