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  1. yes and no it was a good game but felt very unstable and falling through the game map ever 30+min was not my idea of fun so before id even consider on buying ap2 i would want to see improvements and stability on game and make it more hard lol that game was way to easy for me went through most of it with just a pistiol and hand 2 hand i am courios as to what happen after the escape though so if a #2 was made focus a story in genral around taking over or destorying haltech even if it is not import save game just give us the ablilty to set game standards as we finshed the frist one like some 1 asking us what happen prior to the escape a little short newb start
  2. thats the 1 i was thinking of i new it look really similar to a old game i use to play couldn't place the name though but ya this is a newer ver of deus x
  3. i just played the game and manage to beat it in 1 day it was kinda short and there lots of minor bugs as well but all in all it was fun and thrilling to play i do hope that the next 1 you make or expan will be a bit longer and be more open play keep up the good work
  4. http://www.gametrailers.com/game/alpha-protocol/9237 i ment as people who have played the game and posted videos of it on you tube and such not stuff hyped up by the game makers i wana see the good and the bad partys
  5. you now thats a good question becuase as a spy you need to make new freinds and contacts and sense any 1 in there right mind nows that nothing comes for free so side missions should include makeing new contacts to gain intel on your main target and doing side jobs such as spying on a shop owner competior or rescue a daughter of some wealthy guy and such
  6. omg a company who doesnt wana realease a broken game woohoo i love them already i would rather have them postpone the game than realease it early and it be another gothic 3 reject
  7. this game does look fun i will probly wait for game play videos before i buy though
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