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  1. Sounds like you're not using your brain to find a weakness. Sure you can go about it like you said, but I dunno, I guess I was looking for more "creative" weaknesses like in other RPG games, not just hide below an lob nades.
  2. No, RPGs are my favorite, but when they are unoriginal (come on, be honest: you've heard this plot a MILLION times) it gets a little old. Bugs aside, its a VERY average game. Add in bugs and pointless bosses w/ respawning enemies...yea you get my drift. There are PLENTY of RPG games that actually have CREATIVE levels and bosses, making you attack their weaknesses etc; forcing you to fight people hiding in a tower while their henchmen respawn is just BAD game design. You usually find things like that in FPS games, not RPGs where you normally are ENCOURAGED to use your brain and find a weakness, not just reload checkpoints like mad until you finally survive.
  3. I'm afraid it doesn't get better, it just gets continuously worse and worse. There were very few moments so far that have been ever mildly interesting(the story is bland, the characters are bland, and the VA are downright bad). I'm on the last part with Darcy and I'm so bored I just want to break my controller and then the disc. I either die right when I spawn or he gets glitched in his ****ing bull**** tower and wont appear. This is getting to be mind numbingly boring; at this point in the game, I'm 99% sure I've spent more time loading/looking at the checkpoint menu than I have actually PLAYING the ****ing game.
  4. Kind of tired of the whole "respawning waves of enemies" approach to boss battles. It's not unique, nor fun; only pointless and boring.
  5. That was pretty much spot on to the majority of my feelings. As he said, no matter how fun/good the story is, its pretty evident that you are playing a game due to all the bugs and issues. Hopefully there is a patch soon that will get rid of them and allow me to focus less on bugs and just have fun
  6. For Brayko: I used pistol skills only Run to the back cover and once he's clear use chainshot as much on his head as possible(with upgraded bullets too if you have those). Then he will run down and try to attack you, try to run up to the stage and jump down and run back to rear cover again. If you need to, there is health on both sides of the level. Just keep running around until you get chainshot back up, it only took me 2 chainshots to kill him. For Omen: This guy was harder than Brayko because he "stealths" up to you Basically I just ran around chainshotting and punching him as much as possible
  7. Yea that was my understanding as well. It might say you got X amount for doing a job, but the money that goes into your pocket is from money collected/extortion
  8. This type of game would have worked well if the combat was turn based, ala Fallout Tactics. The way it is now, it becomes WAY too hectic when you actually have to fight it out, the controls just don't fit the game.
  9. Shooting through walls/floors, seeing me through solid objects; stuff like that. I've been getting more and more bugs the further I get into the game
  10. lol serious? Lets see: checkpoint bugs, save bugs, AI bugs, oh and my favorite of all: enemies respawning from the beginning of the level if you reload a checkpoint.
  11. I see some similarities, but it's no where as deep as Deus Ex. The story is VERY cookie cutter, and it's been done WAY too many times(huge corporation interfering with government: check)
  12. Just load the last safehouse. lol yea you don't understand, this is the last mission in Saudi Arabia, so I would have to start ALL over, because my last save is at the VERY beginning of the safe house erh no... the game saves one file at safe house from when you made it back from the mission and another save file when you are on the mission, so yeah you can load it from the safe house before you started the last mission save file: mission save file: safe house thats how the save files work on ps3 version Cept it doesn't. I've loaded that safehouse file a dozen times, its the VERY start of Saudi.
  13. That's what I'm using on Hard, and its not all that "hard" lol. I just can't stand the look of the "armor" in the game, it all looks like Halo or something. A simple bulletproof vest and a holster would look WAY better than divingsuithalogundamassaulthero armor
  14. Yep, you read that right. Most of the guns are just slight changes of the same gun, maybe a +1 in accuracy, but no visual differences The most lacking are pistols, which could use at least 3-5 more different types. Also, there needs to be more outfits(especially civilian ones, as I find the wetsuit stealth space bs to look retarded in a mission).
  15. Same exact thing happened to me on some of the Saudi Arabia missions. Made the game EXTREMELY boring
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