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  1. Okay, I'm going to have to repeat myself for you guys: So character skill in combat is not necessary in an RPG, though player decision making in a character's preparation for combat (or the main gameplay; again, combat is not a must) must play a role. And yes I liked Invisible War. Go to Bethesda Softworks. I disagree 100%. The character skills do matter in a real RPG. In combat, you can't really role play anything unless the character skills are in the equation. Picking or not picking equipment it isn't really role playing, I mean, is RE5 a RPG because you can choose guns and upgrade them?? Not really, not in a million years.
  2. Personally my complaint is that shooting someone 5 yards away in the head with an assault rifle is still hit or miss. Stat based systems just do not jibe well with shooter combat. The best you can hope is that the stats won't interfere too much, like in ME2, but that begs the question of what's the point of having them in the first place. And if you make stats important you get something that's neither here nor there. It's still more player skill than character skill, except that the combat is awkward and clumsy for the first 75% of the game. My other complaint would be that stealth relies more on cheap abilities than on clever use of terrain and level features to circumvent patrol routes. Really I think that AP's main problem is that it just tries to do too much gameplay wise. It tries to be a shooter, a stealth game, and a heavily stat based RPG all at once, and as a result ends up being mediocre at all of those. It would be much better if they just dropped the stats completely, made Mike both the competent fighter and infiltrator that he's really supposed to be by default, and just focused on designing appropriate levels to challenge the player's abilities. I disagree. In that case this game wouldn't be an RPG anymore. The game is fair enough if you do your build right. If you screw up the build, you're going to suffer. And you know what, that's PERFECT. I can't stand Action RPG's where all the skill comes from the player, that's not a true Action RPG, that a plain Action game with some lite RPG elements pasted in, aka ME2.
  3. I got it because I know that Obsidian its one of the few companies that does what others don't Good RPG's
  4. Also, anyone remembers the TV show after the Brayko fight, if he survives the police mentioned something about whales seeing jesus or some crazy **** as that
  5. Talking to Steven on the screen, he mention someone showed up asking question about Mike, and he says something like: "After poping up 3 of his fingers, he start yelling me, please please, don't kill me" Later you can give Steven you "thanks", and he'll reply something like "You're cool mike. Not like Wen, not like wen at all" This guy is the real deal
  6. No, there is some truth in there. Not all US reviewers tho.
  7. Exactly, the problem with all the major reviews I'd read was that it gave me the impression that they played the game the wrong way... without doing a actual BUILD, without specializing in the key skills... If I had to play this game with a lousy build off course I'll hate it... However, some US reviewers pointed how unbalanced some skills were. And there is some true in there.
  8. Also, STEAM sales aren't included on the NPD right? I saw AP in the TOP sellers list for about a week
  9. No, thank you... I hated ME2 because its plain shooter with some rpg elements and it lost its RPG soul to cater the shooter audience. Alpha protocol system is fine, Its actually 50%-50% on the character/player input. The only thing AP needs is more polishing in the actual mechanics, more balance on the skills and a brand new AI. Also not all Reviewers criticized the ARPG mechanics, Its obvious after 2 hours of playing the game that the way to do headshots is using the critical shots. I mean its not that hard to understand that if you character don't specialize on some key skills he's going to suck major bollocks, and like all good RPG if your character sucks, even if you are good player you will suffer. AND THIS PERFECT. The major point here its the unbalanced skills. Skills that at start are incredible poor and later on they become godlike. That's easily adjustable. And the BAD AI. ME1 and ME2 both had terrible AI, but because the game didn't have an open way to aproach them, its not that notorious. In AP it is, because there are much more ways to approach the enemies. The graphics are fine, maybe they need a little more post processing. The animations need more work. But that's just cosmetics.
  10. Is it me or none of these "professional" reviewers, are particularly fans of the RPG genre?? What happened to those times where there was one specific reviewer for each genre
  11. Its your last boss in the game?? You should leave Brayko for last... Go to other safehouses and start doing other missions until your character is strong enought, then go to moscow and kick his coked ass.... Also, if you have Steve Heck as a dossier, you can use him as intel to poison his coke
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