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  1. There are some decent reply's in here. Gladd to see this has a more mature auddiance then the Blizzard forums. For the people who say "play on a pc", my laptop runs well enough to play to the game. There is just something wrong in the code somewhere that makes it stutter when loading in new events. Maybe i'll try the game again when or if there are any patches to be released.
  2. I have no idear of what you just posted. Games wanted Kane and Lynch to be easy but it turned out hard? And with AP gamers wanted it to be hard but it's easy? Well both games have problems with AI. It's allready deleted, but I can still post my opinion on the game. Dear Lord in Heaven, that brings back some horrible memories. Not as bad as when you try to save your daugher on the dock...
  3. Where to begin. Maybe I should start with the positive things I endured while playing. The setting is really good. okay, onward with the bashing! I'm sorry to say but this game fails on so many levels it makes Kane and Lynch look good. For some reason it's so heavy on my laptop I get frame freezes every time something happens. An explosion, new enemies etc. Even on 480x320 I had these frame freezes. I admit, I'm playing this on my laptop but that laptop can run StarCraft II on 1900x1200 with medium to high so... The core of the game is pretty good, it's just too bad that the g
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