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  1. I checked both Steam and Direct2drive but they don't have it even though they have the original Knights Of The Old Republic. Also, will this game run on Windows 7?
  2. I'm curious about how this game is doing from a business point of view. Has it sold well?
  3. I've read some of the negative reviews, particularly Destructoid's and it sounds like the criticism is way overblown. It seems like they're complaining about the hacking/lockupicking mini games actually being a challenge. God forbid we have a game where hacking mini games aren't a tedious bore with no challenge whatsoever(sorry Mass Effect 2, you're one of my favorite games but you're still guilty of this.) Also, I think the AI is much ado about nothing. Yes, it's not the best AI we've ever seen but it's functional enough for stealth game. Deus Ex had pretty lousy AI but that didn't stop
  4. I want a DLC that lets you nail Sis.
  5. Why in the Hell are the scientists baffled? The guy is obviously LYING!
  6. They don't hate it that much. Its a little annoying sure but they deliberately exaggerate their frustration with it as an excuse to justify their addiction to piracy.
  7. That is pitiful. I can run 5K(3.1 miles) in 19:33.
  8. For all the outrage over DRM, I have never had an issue with it with any game. I think PC gamers use DRM mostly as a scapegoat to justify their addiction to piracy.
  9. The story refers to an individual. It's about her and how her mentality is a problem for society. This problem obviously transcends racial boundries. At no point anywhere in the post do I make any generalizations about an ethnic group. I'm trying to keep the issue of race out of this discussion, it's not relevant other than to give you a visual of who I saw.
  10. She's white. Very hot young brunette, long legs, athletic build.
  11. I mentioned she was fat and black because I was trying to give the reader some idea of what I saw personally to give my story emphasis. Why didn't I mention the race of the trainer? Well, because the story wasn't really about her. I was trying to make a point you see about the sad cultural state of America in certain respects and it was the black woman who personified this, not the personal trainer. My problem with the woman was not that she was black, it's that she was stupid and there are a lot of stupid people who view the world the way she does.
  12. Not my intention. I was just trying to make the reader read it as I heard and saw it. Keep in mind I'm from Louisville and the various underclasses from each ethnic group all have their own devolved dialogue of the English language whether it be black, or white.
  13. Don't forget to exercise. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about getting exactly 2000 calories. Losing weight is a lot more about metabolism than it is calorie intake. Eating the right foods will raise your metabolism. Refined grains, simple sugars and flours all get stored as fat really quickly and raise your insulin levels which makes you tired and lethargic. Stick to complex carbohydrates from fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and you will have a lot more energy and your body will burn more calories in addition to feeling more full. Combine weight lifting with
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