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  1. Ditto. Mike & Heck took a boat into the sunset during my first ending... discussing what crazy mischief to get into next. Darcy second... only because he gave Mike a photo of a buddy cop movie with Mike & Darcy's faces photoshopped over the actors. What? It's possible tog ride off with Heck during the ending? That sounds so bromantic! How do you do it?
  2. In the Rome and Saudi Arabia safe house there is a Sega Saturn on the shelf below the TV. It's a Japanese model since it's white but I thought it was an interesting touch. I guess Michael Thorton is into old school games, I wonder if he has Panzer Dragoon Saga.
  3. I found G22 to be kind of confusing. I don't really know what their motives are.
  4. I checked both Steam and Direct2drive but they don't have it even though they have the original Knights Of The Old Republic. Also, will this game run on Windows 7?
  5. I have noticed that during your conversation with him at the cafe when you first meet him he will remark on your dossier. Depending on what you told Westridge when he asked about your reason for service, Marburg's comments will differ. For example, if you told Westridge you want to serve your country, Marburg will later remark saying it is a rare thing and you will +1 approval with him. Can anyone confirm if choosing any of the other options will result in a loss of approval?
  6. After playing through the game again I think Brayko would make an excellent bromance option. I was meeting Surkov and then suddenly Brayko appeared and he was totally like my best buddy as I let him knife Surkov to death after he killed Championchik.
  7. Considering a lot of people have a wish for pedophilia, why not? At least SIE is legal, and not a 16 years old girl. Don't get me wrong, Sis is a charming girl (especially when she passes the age limit), but if SIE is considered as granny fetish, then you're a pedophile. I have nothing against Sis, but I hope the example made my point clear. I don't think she should be a teenager obviously but I do think portraying a woman in her 40s as a sex symbol is pushing it.
  8. Is Michael Thorton's age confirmed anywhere? I always just assumed late twenties. It's strange that he goes after old bags like SIE but doesn't even try to scrog that hot teen Sis.
  9. WTF?! Isn't that a little gross considering she is a romance option? They should've made her 33 at the very oldest. Does Obsidian think we all have granny fetishes or something?
  10. I'm curious about how this game is doing from a business point of view. Has it sold well?
  11. Oh? I scrogged her but she didn't tell me. She didn't tell me after I saved her life either. Oh well, will look for her dossier next play through. Certainly not going to that wiki page again until I have beaten the game several times.
  12. I figured there would be a spoiler warning on the alpha protocol wiki page, alas it was not so and I now know that Madison is Parker's daughter. Ugh... Anyways, I beat the game once already and I want to know where I can find this information so it is revealed in game.
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