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  1. Well the science is compelling with splicing the virus, S proteins and things like HIV. The scientists and research heads find it unlikely that it was a natural jump from bats to humans. And it shows all the information that backs the research has been going on for years. Not one person has refuted the science presented - except for China.
  2. I was only interested in the science which the doctors were discussing. The guy in the documentary comes across as a tool with his propaganda.
  3. This documentary asks a lot of valid questions on the origin of the virus. It's well known for months that there were no bats being sold at the wet markets and the lab was always in the spotlight. But it's interesting the science of the virus shown in this.
  4. Worldwide effort. https://www.smh.com.au/national/chinese-backed-company-s-mission-to-source-australian-medical-supplies-20200325-p54du8.html https://www.smh.com.au/national/second-developer-flies-82-tonnes-of-medical-supplies-to-china-20200326-p54e8n.html
  5. The supermarkets in Australia don't give refunds on toilet paper or hand sanitiser. Also, many people in Australia report price gouging on sites like ebay to get the over priced toilet paper taken down and is very successful. It's basically a FU to these people. No sympathy at all.
  6. Setting up an old Win98 pc. Managed to get everything working and hooked up to the internet. Since my router is in another room and wasn't sure if a wireless usb adapter would work on this, I instead set up a spare wifi extender that I had and set it next to the pc. I then ran a network cable from the pc to the wifi extender, Ping is a touch high but I now have broadband on my old pc. lol. Also, using something called KernelEX to run Win 2000 / XP versions on Win 98 and it works quite well. I did find it funny transferring some old programs from another pc with a 64gb usb drive.
  7. It appears the U.S. may be under reporting deaths attributed to Covid-19. Now we can’t trust the US figures to give an accurate case fatality rate. I would’ve thought the US was better than this. https://gothamist.com/news/surge-number-new-yorkers-dying-home-officials-suspect-undercount-covid-19-related-deaths?fbclid=IwAR2mGBe0LP6BlcMs3tWPkIqesxVtxuEXN1JYKZkNTPZRRjCP982OMswlr-w
  8. I can understand the frustration. It was the opposite for my girlfriend and myself. We've had multi-monitor setups for years at home and only had dual monitor setups in the office for about 5 years in our current jobs. For us, it was a breeze to set up a work laptop to act as a CPU and hook up keyboard, mouse and dual monitors to simulate a work PC without having to take desktop computers and monitors from the office. I'm really loving working from home. Being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt while working and taking breaks whenever we want without someone looking on. Also, we can finish
  9. How masks are reducing the spread of the virus in the Czech republic. Just put a good looking girl on a TV ad to promote wearing masks and win.
  10. Since working from home this week, I've been busy sorting stuff out to work on different projects in my spare time. The double garage is converted into an open plan home office with three computers desks, ten cabinets, some small tables and various other things. The entire garage has carpet tiles so it looks like an office. It feels so weird to be able to sleep in and just walk downstairs into an open plan office and start working. But it's great to take a break and watch some YouTube videos or work on something else in my own time for an hour or so and then go back to work. There's a lot of r
  11. This is a fascinating video of how South Korea is containing the virus (and why it wouldn't work in the U.S.) Key Points: Masks work and the public is encouraged to wear them in public. They don't listen to the WHO. It costs $140 to take a test. If you test positive, the test is free. All returning passengers are tested and taken to an area to wait for their test. It takes 6 hours to get your results. If positive, they are taken away. If negative, they go home to self isolate. An app is installed on your phone. They need to update the app twice a day. If you don't
  12. It’s good for science that we have a base line with a country like Sweden to test herd immunity. The rest of the world watches in anticipation for the train wreck that is to come.
  13. A short 5 ½ minute video with a doctor showing what's it like in one of the hospitals in NY. This was a couple of days ago but things are probably worse. Some points from the video: refrigerated truck for the dead bodies person in car accident came into emergency and his chest scan showed symptoms of covid-19. First responders/civilians at a scene of an accident may not know a person is infected. Not enough equipment including N95 masks
  14. In Australia, we're a few weeks behind Europe and the U.S. but our trajectory is probably on the same curve as France. One reason why we're so behind is because it was Summer here and many were aussies travel overseas at the time. We're seeing a lot of people come back over the last few weeks and continue to see travellers come back. It was a misconception that the Southern hemisphere was doing better because of the warmer climate, but in reality the virus just didn't get here until later.
  15. I don't think these posts are going to age well.
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