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  1. Haven't been to the cinemas in years and not intending to go back any time soon. Easier to watch (the latest) movies at home. I also have a 100 Mbps internet connection so no problem downloading or streaming stuff.
  2. At the very start when the truck is leaving with the cargo through the gate...
  3. I thought Army of the Dead was a good movie but didn't realise it was 2 ½ hrs long. Could have cut half an hour off quite easily. There doesn't appear to be anyone to reign Snyder in with the length of his movies.
  4. This is personal. Now I'm angry. Neeson fills a niche of good action movies. Good but not great. Unlike Nic Cage, Bruce Willis and other over the hill ex stars, Neeson movies are still usually decent. Looking forward to this.
  5. I felt it was more of a 3 ½ hr movie (if you exclude the 15 min epilogue) and that it could've been cut down to about 3 hrs. So I could see this as a 3 hr cinema release. Overall, it was miles ahead of Whedon's version.
  6. Snyder cut. If they ran the slow motion scenes at normal speed, it'd be a 90 minute movie.
  7. It wasn't just the media that Facebook blocked. FB blocked Government websites, various State Government Health Departments (during a pandemic), the Bureau of Meteorology, Local businesses including law firms, Support pages for various people like victims of domestic abuse and so on. Facebook went mental and FB had to re-instate some of these pages. Facebook reinstating health and safety pages but government says damage to reputation has been done. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-18/facebook-credibility-brought-into-question-health-emergency-news/13166318
  8. If you didn't spend the money on back up generators, satellite dish for communications, built a fireplace, chopped wood and prepped for food for months on end, then it's your own damn fault. Personal responsibility folks.
  9. Some YouTube comments. Texans are now learning that water can be a solid. Knowledge is powerful. Republicans have always wanted America to return to the glory days of the 1800s. Congrats, objective achieved Q: What did Texas use before candles? A: Electricity
  10. Facebook appears to have banned it's own page. LOL. I just checked and it's true. Bwahahaha.
  11. If you're getting your news from Facebook then you're doing it wrong. This is a good thing. In reality, it's a case of Facebook having a tantrum and the Australian Government isn't budging one inch. But it is funny to see Facebook cancel a country and wipe out everything.
  12. Facebook just cancelled Australia globally with any and ALL news from Australia regardless of what that 'news' may be. Whether it be blogs, government agencies - EVERYTHING. LMAO.
  13. Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich. Diabolical.
  14. Been doing quite a bit of research. The solar panel company that we're going with was just here running through the numbers. We didn't need a big inverter system and we don't have a lot of roof space so went with what we have. It's a $5000 system and will pay itself off in 3 1/2 years. We'll be going ahead and saving 75% off our electricity costs. Will be good to pay around $100 per quarter (approx $30 per month) instead of $450 per quarter for our electricity.
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