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  1. WOOOT!!! Found my name. I paid somewhere between $100-$200; I helped fund Kickstarter but I'm really thinking I donated somewhere around $50 or so. However thru the Portal I donated an additional $135 cause that's what my order said. Anyways after the latest patch (and its a possibility my name was on there to begin with) I found my name. There are four sections of names Kickstarter Gold Level Backers (many) *Additional Kickstarter Gold Level Backers (not too many) Kickstarter Backers (omg a ton of em LOL) Additional Kickstarter Backers (decent amount) I landed on the fin
  2. LOL I couldn't see my name either Thankfully it was alphabetical but I checked both Gold Kickstarter and regular Kickstarter; almost saw my name but my last not included. Now I felt I thought I made the survey in time, did I?
  3. i saw this in the 1st build so i'm not sure why it does that. And if i remember correctly when you engage in combat the boar attacks you too
  4. I created a new game. Upon entering the game I checked Cleric/Wizard for their spells. All is good. I checked for Grimoire; that is good too. Got quest to find Thief; killed Thief; quest updated; went back to Medreth and got XP and Medreth left. Did all that within 10minutes; so far...no problems YAY. Now to go back and loot the dead Thief and get the quest inside the Inn
  5. So knowing what I did wrong in my 1st playthrough (needing to use main menu for loading games so my quests dont get broken); I decided to create a new character This time I created a monk (previous was Paladin) I got the first quest in finding the Female Thief inside the INN; now first time I told her to go East (Spare her) and went back to Medreth but quest didnt really update So I decided to kill the Thief and here are my outcomes: 1-Thief dies and 2 party members are apparently knocked unconscious. Suprisingly I was able to escape Top floor and even exit the Inn with 3/5 mem
  6. Serious? And if my party dies; do I quit to Main Menu then load?
  7. ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** **I will highlight questions for easy reply** According to my steam client I have put in at least 5hrs of PoE Beta and I might be at my ends of the rope here. First off here are the areas I have found: Dryford Village Dryford Crossing>Cave>Dryford Ruins Stormwall Gorge>Lle a Rhemen So thats 6 places. Are there more? Aside from the Dryford Ruins I have cleared out all other areas. Upon entering the village I went nuts and accepted every quest imaginable. Like finding some bandit inside the Inn; and trying to locate the missing daughter; and "
  8. and I dont know I might be wrong on this (about it being too long) but I utilized a stopwatch and came up with these results: Upon launching .exe game and hitting "Load Game" and selecting...27seconds If your party has died and you choose "Load" it takes 14seconds When transitioning from a Blacksmith store to the outside it takes..........10seconds My specs are: 6 Core Processor 8 Gigs System RAM 10mb download speed DSL
  9. Anyone know how fast the Beta key will be delivered? I just upgraded my Backer Value; lets say 5:55pm PST How fast will I receive my Beta key so I can start downloading? If I get it before anyone else comments I will re post the timeframe ***Edit** Thinking I was waiting for an email; apparently it was listed in my 'product tab' on the portal homepage...the one to buy/upgrade kickstarter pledges. While now I'm not 100% sure on the timeframe. I did log in at 6:20pm PST and was able to generate a key. So 25minutes at maximum
  10. and I'm sure I wouldnt be buying a game either if it had to have a constant connection and I lived somewhere that the connection was horrible or that I couldnt afford it. Let alone I guess activate it. Then again you need an active connection just to activate your operating system so I guess in my case; lets say in 2 months time I have no money, and then my hard drive crashes, I have to install the OS but guess what; 30 days later I cannot use much of the computer because I cannot get it activated. At any rate, in cases like needing an internet connection I too would be upset. Lets look
  11. I cant speak for the entire world but I'll just speak for myself. I work hard for my money, or rather credit cards LOL. I've been working straight for nearly 16 years now. I work full time around 36hrs a week and probably only earning 12 dollars an hour. When a PC game comes out, I spend the 60 dollars, I install it. If its a good game, I'll probably just keep it on the hard drive and not worry about uninstalling it. I have a Desktop PC and a Laptop but I refuse to play a game on my laptop; besides I spent 2500 dollars on this desktop and only 700 for my laptop. If its a game that
  12. My question/topic......Maximum inventory I just watched the latest trailer for Alpha Protocol "Toys" and I thought of a question: What is the Maximum amount of weapons you can carry during a mission and if you find new stuff, can you swap it out or are you stuck? For instance; say you can carry a Pistol and another weapon like SMG (at one given time). Say you can carry Flash Grenades and actual Grenades at one given time. If you go on your mission and you find some cool "shock trap"; are you able to carry it with you, or do you have to swap it out for something in your invento
  13. I know everyone says "dont trust gamestop.com's release date schedule" but you know what?? In this case I'm so glad I did. After hearing the news that Alpha Protocol was delayed til Summer I was wondering what the heck was going on; ever since November 2009 Gamestop.com reported Alpha Protocol to be released June 1st 2010, so for 3 months I was not expecting Alpha Protocol. Then todays news hit "summer 2010"; funny enough June is Summer so really there might be a chance Alpha Protocl can be released June 1st; and if so I had nothing to fear. I did hop these boards though to find the origi
  14. sad sad sad; 2009 was horrible, too many game delays In 2008 I added it up......I bought 10 PC game titles; big ones and not something small like "The Price is Right" In 2009 I added it up.....I bought 5 PC game titles (big ones as well) Wouldve been more. But alas I had to wait for 1-Bioshock 2 2-Mass Effect 2 3-Splnter Cell Conviction 4-Singularity 5-Alpha Protocol 6-Assassins Creed 2 (PC) But anywho. I think I've also given up as far as what gets released when. I think I'll just wait til 1 day before its supposed to come out, check the date, then the next da
  15. My real name is Larry Tolman I was playing EverQuest (1) and saw a NPC named "Larkin Tolman" Now while his first name wasnt the same as mine, it was kinda cool seeing a NPC having the same last name as me. And I dont think "Tolman" is that popular of a last name; I dont know. But for those that read this, check your telephone book, do you see any Tolmans in there? Reply here and let me know
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