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  1. I'm afraid consolidation is going be the word of the decade after the pandemic.
  2. Like most people I'm fairly shocked. Obviously my first thought was OMFG NEW VEGAS 2.0, but who knows. Weirdly enough I feel more comfortable with Microsoft than Zenimax, it's maybe Stockholm Syndrome but I don't much like the way Zenimax has gone lately.
  3. I'm boycotting this pos if I can't mod in some big titty anime babes.
  4. Looks great. I loved Outer Worlds but I'll bet performance will be just like the base game. Constant stuttering and streaming issues
  5. I'm still in a state of mild shock from learning about this. Skyrim in Aedyr would be my dream game. Though, the Unreal Engine gives me concerns, it's bloody awful at open world stuff, constant stutters and janky asset streaming. Fingers crossed they're using a more recent version that's tooled up for the new consoles, seems they're really pushing for ultra fast asset streaming this gen. Anyone know if any of staff from Tyranny are involved? I loved the world and characters in that game, it veered into the weird and I appreciated it.
  6. Ok. Just sent that email. I do hope you guys can fix or at least greatly reduce the issue, it's very jarring.
  7. I've tweaked everything I can but I'm getting the same old asset streaming stutters that I see in most other semi-open world Unreal engine games. Reducing textures and world detail to low alleviates it somewhat but it's not a perfect fix. i7 4790k 1080 Ti 16GB Ram Windows 7 on SSD.
  8. Sorry Daven. My father died six years ago. The cancer was killing him but luckily a burst aortic aneurysm took him quickly.
  9. I replayed Fallout 4 last year and found I was (still) deeply annoyed by the writing, mechanical shortcomings and just the general vibe so I decided to give the gog version of Fallout 3 a whirl. It seems that with some effort it's now possible (thanks to a few recent mods) to play the game without tearing out your hair due to bugs and random ctd's. 20 hours in and not a single crash so far, this is completely unheard of in my experience. Under the shadow of Fallout 4 the game holds up astonishingly well to New Vegas, a game which I have now plumbed to the deepest level. Yeah there'
  10. You wouldn't criticise a musician for having already bought his instrument...
  11. I've spent medically inadvisable amounts of time with Skyrim. It's been a few years since I last played but god help me I'm gonna have one more go when my usual winter lockdown kicks in.
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