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  1. You stayed long enough for that? I just changed to IGN and watched the Encased trailer afterwards. I quit the interview after the first question because I had already heard their questions for other developers. I don't know who's responsible for this mess, but they should be fired immediately. That was just painful. I don't care about the developer's childhood or previous carreer, I just want to know more about the game itself. How hard could that be?
  2. Word has it that the Koch Primetime today is going to show Encased and maybe one or two other RPGs.
  3. Minor spoiler or appetizer for Nethergate: Resurrection
  4. Mostly point & click adventures and Stardew Vally. I don't know what was wrong with me. After Mass Effect 2, which I've quit just minutes before the final boss, because I couldn't stand those never ending waves of attackers anymore, almost every RPG felt like it had too much combat. I consider it an RPG burn out, because that describes ist best. I just needed a break. All I could ever think about was tactics and stats, not the quests, not the story. It killed all my motivation to figure things out, and I started to play everything in story mode. But that didn't help, either. In the en
  5. Hidden Path Entertainment ist working on an open world D&D game. Source
  6. After half a year of a break from RPGs I've finally started with Nethergate: Resurrection - and got lost on the lowest level of the first dungeon. I'm almost out of spellpoints and potions, and I can't find the way up again. Well, maybe tomorrow. At least I got rid of the goblins. I've also found a nice amound of money in loot. Ah, the good old taste of adventure and the thrills of a proper dungeon. I can't wait to report back to town and sell some stuff. That ruby must be worth half a fortune.
  7. Do you also need EA's launcher if you get it on Steam? Because it's listed there, too. Link
  8. I'm going through the demos that I have downloaded during the Gamescom. As far as they're still working, anyway. The first one was Synstasis. I think I like the atmosphere, the world, and the story so far. There are a few problems, though. 1. It seems very linear, but that may just be the demo. 2. I want more overview in combat. I'm not really happy with it, as my characters seem to be automatically aiming for the closest enemy, and the dark lighting makes it hard to see where everyone is standing. Or who is friend or foe. 3. Those mouth animations during dialogue. You're n
  9. Of course they add that mode now that I'm done with the game. Well, maybe at another playthrough.
  10. Sorry for digging this up, but I'm really frustrated. All the trouble in Nyrissa's home, and what happens? It's the final chapter. I'm ready for the final battle, but my game keeps crashing during the cutscene after I've given the order to go to the city. Always at the same second. Tell the final boss they've won. I'm giving up for now.
  11. There's a new Trailer for Corven, a game in the spirit of Ultima. It even has the original Lord British, but that is pretty much everything Richard Garriott has to do with it.
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