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  1. Baldur's Gate: Day of the Tentacles Now can we please talk about how you'll be able to set chairs on fire and use them as a weapon in a tavern brawl? That's so Larian.
  2. In no particular order: -Realms of Arcania Trilogy (my first RPG love) -Baldur's Gate Saga (please don't mess this up, Larian) -Morrowind (the freedom, the atmosphere of the world) -Arx Fatalis -Arcanum -Divine Divinity -King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow -Planescape: Torment -Fallout 1 and 2 -Anachronox -Scratches -Darkness Within 1 -The Dig -Broken Sword 1 and 2 -Gabriel Knight 1 and 3 -Anno 1602 aka 1602 A.D.
  3. About the upcoming change of the copyright in the EU: Fellow EU citizens, I'm sorry for being German. But I can assure you, I have never voted for the CDU, and I despise Axel Voss and his ignorance with a passion. Nobody here wanted this new law, and even the smaller artists aka creators are demonstrating against it. Unfortunately, Axel Voss, the guy behind this new law, is Donald Trumps soulmate. He said that our democracy is in danger, because apparently American companies are spreading misinformation on the new laws, and have bought thousands of demonstrators. That's not true. And if he knew anything about the internet, he'd understand why ยง13 won't work without forcing youtube to use upload filters, that will endanger the freedom of speech. (A law that I'd really welcome would be a regular mental health check for all active politicians, but I'm afraid that'll never happen)
  4. Nice. I hope it will be good.
  5. That's nonsense, given speed in which they're releasing fairly major features, it's quite obvious that Epic never really intended to release all client features at once - I'm willing to bet most of these features are baked into the client in various stages of development already, it's just a QA nightmare to release software with all of its bells and whistles enabled from the get go. It makes much more sense to spread features out into a bigger time period to ensure that the basis on which said features are built upon is fleshed out. I'd also like to point out that the client is not in any way broken - feature incomplete and broken are two very different things. Edit: Not offering refunds is BS and, again, violation of European law, but - y'know, they'll sort that out, they don't really have much of a choice in the matter itch.io - those small devs get a much bigger cut and more freedom in how they want to price their product over there as well. Itch.io also strongly discourages sale of Steam key and instead semi-forces developers to upload standalone installers You're either using Windows or are concerned about your privacy when using software. Yes, the two are mutually exclusive. I hope you don't have an Android phone/iPhone as well as drawing a line at Epic store would be line drawn so far nobody'll see it - "Corporations can have all my telemetry on PC and phone usage, my precise location at any point in time and details like that, but damn them if they'll ever get my gaming habits down! ... I mean, outside of Steam. Steam can have those of course." You won't change my mind. You can love epic as much as you want, you can even date sweeney, if you like, but mark my words: As soon as they've defeated Steam, with my dear GoG being colleteral damage, they'll cut the percentage for the developer and stop caring about the customer at all. They're not the good guys. There are no good guys with the big players, and I consider Steam the much lesser evil for me. I have bought games on Steam when Itch.io wasn't even a thing. Which doesn't mean that I hadn't checked out Itch.io before. And no, I don't have such a phone. I don't have Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Whatsapp, or whatever you want. I have a certain degree of privacy left. You, obviously, don't. I'd rather stop gaming entirely than install Epic, unless they change their data policy to my liking. Then, and only then, I might buy there. Maybe you don't mind being the willing consumer puppet of shady companies like that, but I do. And with Windows, I can at least pretend that my data isn't willingly handed over to a repressive government that doesn't give a dog's mess on human rights. You're not changing my mind, because I'm too stubborn for you, so stop waisting your time trying. I'm done with this discussion, and now I might just as well read a good old fashioned book. Printed on paper, without illegal data mining and totally unplugged.
  6. A thing that's worse doesn't make another bad thing good. Also: We are living in the future. If you could show a digital assistend to the inventor of the first computer in his invention's early days, it would blow his mind. No flying cars, though.
  7. If that's what you primarily care about, you should not have supported a publisher that won't allow you to download standalone installers. Besides, even if Valve goes under, Steam is at this point too valuable to drop off the face of the Earth. The moment Valve gets done for, Steam'll be almost certainly bought and maintained by someone else. Well, I hope so. And excuse me for supporting small indie projects that not even GoG wanted, because they were too small for them. Also, my main concern is the fact, that Epic reads the data of other installers, mainly Steam. That data is none of their business. Steam's collecting enough data on its own. I don't want another platform that gathers even more information than Steam, Origin, Windows, and who knows what other big programs do without telling the users. I'm drawing the line right where they start reading each other's data. That's what I really dislike. I don't trust anyone, but I trust Epic even less.
  8. I can wait. And if it doesn't come on Steam or GoG, I'll congratulate Microsoft for finally making me buy something from their store. Epic ist even more hungry for data that is none of their business than all other platforms combined. And think of all the games you will lose if Epic manages to ruin Steam.
  9. Great. Now I can't even enter the huts in the village of the lizard people anymore. Time to reinstall. And if that doesn't help, I'll just have to wait till I have the money for a new computer and try again from the start there. Edit: Wow, I had very little hope that it would work, but it did! Now I can play on.
  10. Do you have any mods or unity mod manager installed? I read that modded game saves break after every patch, so you should uninstall them before patching and reinstall again. If not, the no ideas save for game reinstall. No, it's unmodded. The funny thing is, that the saves load fine if I've just started the game. It just crashes if I reload after a lost fight or something.
  11. I've returned to Pathfinder: Kingmaker after a long break, but now I have a new bug that is really testing my patience. I can start and load the game just fine, fortunately, but if I try to reload midplay, it crashes. A small box for unity with a loading screen pops up, and then the game just crashes to my desktop. That hasn't happened before the last patch. Now, do I have to quit and restart to reload till the end of the game? That's so annoying.
  12. It's not about the looks, it's about the gameplay and the character system.
  13. As I've already said in another thread here, I'm really hyped for The Outer Worlds now. I've got an old RPG character in stock that I never really got to play. She'll be perfect for the humor in this game. (Her name ist Shannon Florence Riley, but she hates her middle name. Still, Shannon F. Riley looks too fancy on her business cards to drop the F. entirely, so she just changes topic every time somebody asks her about it. When I created her, I had a female version of Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds with a bit of Saemon Havarian in mind.)
  14. That's it. I've got an old RPG character that's going to fit in The Outer Worlds perfectly. At least according to the trailer. I can't wait to play her there. See you guys on the hype train.
  15. So I'll have to get used to the Windows Store after all. But anything's better than losing Obsidian. Congratulations on the deal. I Hope it's good. Whatever will happen now, I'm glad we can be looking forward to more games from you guys.
  16. Good to hear. I'm saving this one for Halloween. That holiday isn't big over here, but I like to make it my personal horror story day.
  17. I don't need a Baldur's Gate sequel. That story's been told completely. I'd much rather have another D&D game with six party members. One that stands for itself. Maybe even with another setting. There are so many worlds I have yet to see, as I've never known enough other nerdy people for a pen & paper group. How about a new Ravenloft or Dark Sun game? Or Spelljammer?
  18. Does that mean that we'll have to buy Obsidian games from the Windows store? Meh! I prefer GoG and Steam. We migrate to an unofficial forum? Strict forums seem to result from large populations where cheeky conflict devolves into groups bludgeoning out other groups or individual voices. We all move to the Codex. Speak for yourself. I'm already at RPGWatch.
  19. Great. My game crashed last night with an engine error or something. The Message disappeared so fast, all I could read was the word "Unity". Now the loading screens and the character animations are lagging and flickering. I guess I'll have to reinstall it. Meh!
  20. I couldn't find it either, so I looked its location up on the internet. I haven't checked it out yet, but according to what I've found, it should be available after you've had an encounter with some of those guys. Which I've had, so I'm going to try and free Amiri later today.
  21. Just a short reminder that Insomnia: The Ark has been released yesterday. If Pathfinder: Kingmaker isn't for you, you might want to give this one a go instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY_X3K6wCik
  22. learning means I dont need to reload No, that would be finally understanding. A learning process includes failure.
  23. I know exactly why I've chosen normal difficulty. I had to play Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 several times to really master them in normal mode back in their day. I know my limits, and I'm not afraid to lower the difficulty for one fight after I've failed a dozen times or so. I can turn it back up afterwards. Some old school games require a lot more than just clicking on time. And sometimes you need to fail a few times to find the right tactical approach. It's a learning process, not a competition.
  24. I'm just playing on normal difficulty. No need to overdo it, I'm a bit rusty when it comes to D&D cRPGs. At the moment I'm stuck at Oleg's tradepost. The Bandits are absolutely no problem for my party, thanks to the ambush, but they keep killing Oleg, and I want to save him. Maybe if I speed up Amiri and have her kill the archers, while Val and my ranger attack the melee fighters before they get to him. Linzi could support us with a few spells or a song. Hmmm...
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