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  1. The problem with Steven Heck is that much of his awesomeness is also due to how his VO delivers the lines. Heck is freaking goldmine, but posting quotes is not nearly as funny as listening to him. Anyone remember the conference you have with him, Scarlett and Mina before the hotel mission in Taipei? Just his facial expression, and the way his subsequent line is delivered, when you tell him you don't want any bodies is priceless. Made me reload just to watch it again. Also, Konstantin Brayko is a barrel of laughs when you and him Love that guy.
  2. Stealth 3 SMG 5 Shotgun 4 Sabotage 2 Technical Aptitude 4 Toughness 2 Martial Arts 2 Rest 0 A bit all over the place unfortunately, but it hasn't really been a problem 'till now. First boss. I know I should probably save him for later, but I'm not gonna quit now damnit! Also, I did the Steve Heck thing last time I played AP. Wasn't going to befriend him this time around.
  3. Are there any cheat codes for the pc version of this game, such as god mode? I'm fighting Brayko, and despite having a wonderful and joyous time without feeling any frustration whatsoever over the fact I can't even chip away half of his health before dying, I'm thinking I need something to help me beat this guy before I end up in a mental institution. I've tried every tactic, tried reading every guide out there on how to beat him (where I learned such useful advice as "remember to run away from Brayko when he's chasing you" and "shooting his henchmen will make the fight easier"), but I simply
  4. KOTOR lets you become a neutral character, but you still ended up becoming pure light or pure dark by the end. Neutral isn't real in KOTOR. I know, I know.. But there's a difference between making the choice towards the end, and going through half or more of the game as either evil or good..
  5. Hmm.. Is that so?.. I can't say I'm too happy about that.. Kotor1 actually allowed you to play a relatively neutral character.. I should know, I've done it twice now..
  6. Okay.. I was just worried for a minute there.. It could really have ruined it for me..
  7. This was written in an article at actiontrip.com Does this mean that we'll have to choose our aligment from the beginning, as opposed to starting out neutral?..
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