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  1. Valeros is fighting the snow dragon Arkrhyst. Due to Arkrhyst's enter battle field effect, Valeros has zero cards in his hands. First is a combat check to 20. Other folks throws down blessing and Greater Aid to pitch in. Combat check won. Goes to recharge check for Greater Aid. After that passes, comes back to Valeros and Arkrhyst but now there's nothing on the screen. The 2nd combat check isn't happening. VRT (Vault round trip) just repeats the Greater aid check and stuck repeatdly. Same as restart app. General (For all issues) What device type are you on? iPad 3 What version of the OS are you running? iOS What model is the device? iPad3 What is your PFID#? Avaklon #5062 Login Issues When you launch the game, does the welcome popup appear for Game Center/ Google Play Games? Yes On the main screen, what is the text displayed in the blue box at the top? Logged into Game Center Gameplay Is pass & play on? Is permadeath on? No & No Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story Mod Characters in Party: Merisiel / Seoni / Valeros / Kyra Location of each character: All at Sihedron Circle Turn Order: Fighting Arkrhyst, just defeated his first check with Valeros. Just finished Kyra recharge check where it was used to help Valeros defeat Arkrhyst's first check. Valeros has no cards in hand. Now Valeros is stuck. No action available on screen, no dice, nothing, the green explore icon lights up. VRT comes back to the same previous check where Kyra recharge check: Greater Aid. Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. Legendary. Full Packs & Blood in the Sand. What card was encountered when the issue occurred? A bunch of blessing and Greater Aid were just used to help a cardless Valeros defeat Arkrhyst. Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? First explore. Did other characters aid the check? What did they use to aid it? Yes. Greater Aid. Was the encounter a Horde? No
  2. Buried him in legendary scenario. Roll a dice and got 2. Did not get two cards healed,
  3. Bad bad bug. Gave up on playing because of this one. Too frustrating to die so often. Will wait until patch to deal with it.
  4. Same here. Was thinking about this after getting wiped for the fifth time on that scenario. Noticed most of my guys just can't sustain the damage. Are henchman from basic suppose to trigger?
  5. Just happened to me. Something wonky is going on. Was fine yesterday. Now, when I click the Quest mode, the rewards under all three difficulty shows nothing. It use to show 100 g, 150g, and whatever was for legendary.
  6. So it was just an accident that you became Awaken to a Watcher that had such a strong history tie to Thaos? Again, what does the biawac have to do with anything in the story? Why did Thaos trigger the biawac in the first place? It's not like it can be tied to animacy...
  7. So in the end of the game Thaos was defeated, truth about the gods revealed, etc etc, but I must've missed something. Specifically, what does the biawac have anything to do with ruins and Thaos? Didn't he caused the biawac that awoken you to being a watcher? Why did he do that? So I thought one of the goals is to return the PC back to normal. Seems like there wasn't really an option to do that?
  8. I'm having the same issue too. Please change this to not auto-pause. The auto-pause is really for "active" abilities.
  9. ^ That was me, the OP. ? Er. I appreciated the help in the threads and replied with my thanks on the previous page? I don't know why my post count is now 0. I've had an account since Obsidian was formed, used to post in the KOTOR II forums as well, but it looks like my account got wiped for some reason. Regardless, thanks for the info. I've just picked up a copy of AP.
  10. Thanks all for the advice! It sounds like there isn't as much technical glitches as what the reviews are making it out to be. This has given me the confidence in purchasing the game and see for myself. Thanks all!
  11. Hi all, I've been a fan of Obsidian for a long time. I'm an avid lover of RPGs, and I remembering picking up NWN2 and KOTOR2 because of the awesome memories of playing Planescape: Torment. However, recently reviews for Alpha Protocol has been more than scathing, especially those from Gamespot (whom I've trust over the years as generally fair, especially since a friend of mine works there as an editor), as well as various sources like Destroid, which gave it a very low score, and Metacritic is giving it around the 70s range. I'm really torn as to pick up this game or not, especially since KOTOR2 had so much content that were missing. One of the previous games I bought had tons of technical bugs that eventually caused my computer to crash and burn in a horrible way, so I'm extremely wary of that. From what the various reviews are saying, it's the technical bugs that's bringing the game down. That's something that can be fixed in a patch, so is there a patch coming to address those issues? I really don't want to go thru the nightmare of reinstalling OS and various things again because a game has technical issues. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks! - Ava
  12. I have the exactly same thing. I have no idea what to do now. This is a critical bug. I looked on forum, and I do not have the WNAPI32 thing in my System32 directory. I have an ATI9600XT, can someone please point me in the right direction?
  13. I've always been a big fan of Blackisle studio games. There is no doubt in my mind, that when I think of the best game ever created, it was Planescape: Torment. If a Blizzard game and an Obsidian game came out, I would not hesitant to pick up the Obsidian game if I could only pick one. That being said, I picked up KOTOR2 the first day it came out for PC. Due to work, I haven't gotten around to playing it... and I visit a lot of blogs and other reviews sites that said KOTOR2's ending was a complete let-down / mess. That brings me a sense of dread and horror, I don't want to spend hours and hours investing myself into KOTOR2 only to be ruined by a horrible ending. I have so much respect and fan-boyism for Obsidian that I'm rather afraid of playing KOTOR2 too far just to see it mess up... I've played it for about 10 hours, and it has crashed on me five times. That I don't mind... but the story, the story HAS to be good... that's all that ever mattered. All of my friends value my judgement on games, yet now I'm extremely hesistant to recommend this to my friends... Not sure what to do. They've came thru before with Icewind Dale's add-on patch where they added content... will they do the same? sigh...
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