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  1. All my characters to level 20 or need just 1 character to hit level 20 in quest mode? I have seen new villains/henchmen several levels ago (I think), but the boons/banes have pretty much been the same for awhile now Thank you
  2. In my quest mode, I have 9 different characters at level 17, yet it still says Party Difficulty Tier 1 when I start a quest Does that number ever go up? I have bough a number of treasure chests so I have a number of cards in my vault, but I rarely see any outside of deck 2 Is that supposed to be the case? Does how far we have gone in Story mode tie into what cards may show up in Quest Mode? Thanks for any insight
  3. Rolling the 1d4 for the Goblin trait still bugs (not all the time, but occassionally) Going to the vault and back just causes the d4 to roll again but doesn't allow me to fight the creature (bugbear) This Goblin trait bug has been around for over a month and still no fix?
  4. A few scenarios dealing with Goblins, leaves the game stuck after the die roll This has been for the one where its a d4 for extra level as well as another one which involved 2d4 I would assume this has been reported but didn't see any threads Basically, after the die is rolled you can't click on anything to start combat. You can click on the store and the link to see the vault, etc..but nothing that actually advances game play I have to forfeit the game Now when I play Quest mode, if I get any scenario that has anything to do with the Goblin trait, I have to quit and keep t
  5. What do you mean delete your party? Mine is stuck in Quest mode. If I delete them, wouldn't I lost those characters and not be able to pick them again? Also, will the patch fix the game already stuck? Or will I have to re-install the app and lose all my characters? I wish someone would post a workaround that I could try. Nothing on my screen is highlighted to be click on. I have to manually shut off the ipad and can only play in story mode. Sorry, but $25 apps should not have a bug that basically renders one mode completely useless. I do hope some sort of compensation (gold or som
  6. Delete you party from the Story menu; create new Party; on character selection screen tap the "Experienced" tab and make a new party with your old and upgraded heroes. I have the same issue but it's on Quest Mode I don't think your suggestion will work for it though. When I click on quest mode it takes me right back to the rewards screen and the same thing happens I can't click on anything, not even forfeit/quit game button. I have to shut my ipad off all together to even exit the game. So my question is the same as the OP. Will the patch fix the bug or will I have to delete the a
  7. So yet again, I have a card shooting off the screen in Quest mode (this time with Ezren) and I'm not longer able to play quest mode. Has anyone come up with a work around? I can't click on anything not even the option to forfeit/quit the game. I have to shut the ipad off. How hard can it be for them to just change it so there's no animation. $25 games should not have bugs that render the game useless
  8. >>This includes issues where a rewarded card would fly off the screen and issues where a selected character simply wouldn't receive a reward. So I have this problem in Quest mode and there are no workarounds which have fixed this issue. I can't even quit the game, have to shut off the ipad all together Will the patch fix the issue if we are currently stuck with it or will I have to re-install the app and if so, won't I lose all my characters? Thanks
  9. Not sure that will work in Quest Mode...It keeps taking me back to the reward screen There is no fix I read that helps but I'm open to more suggestions I don't mind a few bugs here and there but when one prevents you from playing the game, then I question if I should have laid out the $25 in the first place.
  10. Sorry, I don't understand how this fixes the problem This just happened to me where the reward is above the screen. I can not click on another character, I can not click on the blue arrow (isn't highlighted), I can not even click on settings to quit the game. I can not click on anything at all. I have Valeros and Ezren. Ezren gets his reward first. I can't click on another character since the only other one is valeros Maybe the work around helps in some situations but definitely not where you can't click on any buttons which has happened a few times to me now This is pretty gam
  11. This has happened to me twice so far.. I'd complete a quest and it will then show me that I gained no gold but also that I currently have 0 gold. Fortunately, I didn't lose my gold but I'm not sure if I got the gold (100) for completing the quest.. Anyone report this issue yet?
  12. Only workaround I found was shutting off my ipad and then restarting it and opening the app up again. Not sure if that will work 100% of the time or I just got lucky
  13. Yup, happened to me and others. More info here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86912-victory-screen-card-reward-bug-in-quest/ Only workaround I found was shutting off my ipad and then restarting it and opening the app up again. Not sure if that will work 100% of the time or I just got lucky
  14. Thank you. That worked but after deleting one and trying to choose another, it didn't let me select another character to delete (I couldn't choose any other portrait) I had to back out and then go back into it (guess I should report that under the bugs forum)
  15. Exact same thing happened to me just now. One of my characters was getting a card..it shot up and off the screen. I can't even access the settings to quit the game. It's basically stuck as is... Anyone got workarounds or do I just have to sit and hope the game crashes?
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