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  1. Hey there, It looks like there's a bug with the card that's making you discard a card to play it. Can you roll the dice if you discard a card after trying to play the weapon? Thanks for reporting! Syl
  2. Hi Mccrispy, Do you happen to remember what the scenario power and location were when you fought Gogmurt? Also, was her Beast Form upgraded at all? Thanks! Also: Longshot, as usual, is correct. We like to think of the cost of player powers (Backstab, Animal Trick, etc) as "fuel". The game doesn't care what kind of fuel you use, so the restrictions don't apply. Only when you're playing that card for one of its powers does it matter.
  3. Unfortunately, parties that existed prior to patch will not correctly show the Permadeath tag. Any parties formed after should show it properly, and any that don't are a bug.
  4. We should definitely take a look and see what we can do to lessen confusion here - not everyone will think to check Deck C for these extra cards, and thus confusion ensues. In Story Mode, we're sticking to the physical game's format and you'll find cards from their respective physical boxes. These boxes are how you see cards ordered in the Gallery. In Quest Mode, however, we've modified when certain cards appear - for example, Yap the Pixie, a deck 3 Ally, can be encountered in Tier B in Quest Mode. Similarly, Augury, which was deemed too powerful for the early levels, was bumped up to a higher Tier than the Story Mode equivalent. So, the deck numbers you'll find in the Gallery will not 100% correspond to the Tier in which you may find a card in Quest Mode (although they do continue to match in most cases). That being said, we'll look into these cards and make sure they're showing up when they're supposed to. At level 40, you've hit Tier 4 in Quest Mode, so encountering the Tier 4 treasure cards is correct. However, you won't encounter cards found in Tier 4 from story mode until Deck 4 is released. In Quest Mode, Lizard should be Tier 2, and the Greater Luckstone should be Tier 3. We'll take a look into the deck numbers swapping. Thanks for reporting!
  5. Hey Everyone, For those of you that have noticed this issue, can you please provide the following information when possible? - Game Mode (Story or Quest) - Difficulty - Size of party - Gold (How much did you have?) - PFID We're actively looking into it - but it seems that it's not a 100% issue, so the more information you guys can provide, the sooner we can track it down and resolve it! Thanks!
  6. Hey Sighence, Do you by chance remember the map that you encountered this issue on? Possible ones: - Magnimar (Very large, busy city) - Sandpoint (small town) - The Lost Coast (wilderness with water at the top left, mountains, plains and many rivers) - Turtleback Ferry (wilderness with a large lake in the middle and large forest) Also, can you tell me the version number you're on? You'll see it at the bottom of the Settings window from the main screen. I just need the first three numbers. Thanks!
  7. Longshot is quite correct here. One card per type per check unless the card states otherwise. I'll make sure we get it addressed. Thanks for bringing it up!
  8. Hi Weskingofscots, That doesn't sound right. I have a couple of questions to help me figure out what's going on: - Were you in story mode or quest mode? - Did you have other characters in the party? If so, which? - Were you able to select a new power for Harsk (the dwarf)? - Were you able to proceed from the rewards and return to the scenario select screen? - Are you on Android? If so, could you provide a copy of your save so we can investigate? To acquire a save: Connect the Android Device to your PC. Open Windows Explorer and open the device Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC Zip and send! Thanks! Edit: Something else I thought of recently - did Harsk complete all scenarios in that adventure? Its not currently very clear, but you must complete all Deck 3 scenarios successfully before you can acquire Roles - which are the adventure reward. You can view his completion on the character sheet under the completion tab. If there's anything in Deck 3 that isn't marked as complete, run that scenario and you should acquire the roles after it's done.
  9. Hello thergenrader, Thanks for the report! We're looking into the issue to see if we can reproduce it. I do have some questions - when you say that it now occurs with the first encounter at any location in any scenario - is this using the same party, or does it also occur with new ones? If it's just with the same party, you can delete the party and reform it with your experienced characters to resume where you hit the bug, and you should be able to avoid it. If it's with all parties, that's a bigger issue. In that case, could you PM me your playfab id? You can find it under Settings on the main screen. Additional questions: Did you play in quest mode prior to encountering this bug? What locations are your other characters at? Did you happen to exit the game at the start of Trouble in Sandpoint prior to encountering the issue? If so, at what point? (Location select, villain encounter, etc). Did you exit via quit game or by force closing the app
  10. Hey guys! Any chance someone on Android would be willing to provide a save file when the issue with the general store is encountered? We've tracked down some of the other issues mentioned in this thread, but this one remains elusive for us, and the save would help immensely! To acquire saves: Connect the Android Device to your PC. Open Windows Explorer and open the device Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC Zip and send! Whomever may provide a save, please PM it to me. Thanks!
  11. Well, not really. I can only guess that there's a lot of people involved in this project, and it's not always sure who had talked with whom. Sometimes things get lost along the chain of communication, it happens. So maybe Obsidian talked to Mike at Loneshark games (who, I guess is more involved with the game design), while maybe Vic (more responsible for the general design and consistency, far as I can tell) goes by Mike's last statement few months back. Or maybe it's something else entirely. We get text updates from Paizo and update our cards accordingly. I suppose the difficulty text was lost somewhere in transit. We treat it as word of law unless something stands out as particularly odd, and given that the Impaler is a spear and other spears don't require proficiency, it seemed legit. In the process of double checking on this with Paizo, I saw Vic's ruling in the same thread: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2syxi?Does-Impaler-of-Thorns-really-require#19 Vic: As good as it is to not require proficiency for casters, it turns out to be a bug after all. My apologies! We'll get this rectified. Good catch!
  12. Evasion is my favorite ability. Merisiel is always in my party, and I frequently play her solo. You can evade all summoned monsters and they banish (not ideal for closures or hordes that require them all to be beaten, but still has value - particularly if your team member failed a check). It's wonderful against Justice Ironbriar and Erylium - why fight summoned monsters that you don't need to prior to a villain fight? It's also glorious fun in the General Store. Evade your way to items/armor/weapons, discard to explore and evade to more goodies. Always evade the Shadow and Spectre if you don't have magic weapons, and why encounter the Enchanter unless you have to? Maybe you're in a group and you run into the villain early - evade and close the other locations off then burn the deck for the villain. Start of Turn Bandits at the Guard Tower are a non-issues with evasion, as well. In my solo Merisiel games, I evade-to-win. I'll encounter all boons, and barriers I can beat. I'll frequently evade monsters until I get the villain/henchmen shuffled up to the top of the deck. I'm more likely to evade monsters in locations that are a bit tougher - like the Waterfront or Glassworks, and will encounter less threatening monsters in safer locations. You have to keep an eye on the timer when you do this - but solo you have 10 turns per location, and if you can find and close in less than 10 turns you're ahead of the game. Then you have characters like Ekkie, one of the promo goblins in the physical game (and they're something I'm excited to get into the digital game). In Wrath of the Righteous, there is a location where the difficulty of checks to defeat monsters is increased by the number of people playing - so, in our 6 player games monsters there can be pretty rough. Ekkie has a special evasion ability that evades and throws the monster to a random location. Great fun, and if you don't mind the risk that you'll just throw them back into your current location, it can be great for moving that tough creature, or the monster that's pointless to fight elsewhere. Giant Fly, I'm looking at you. (For those unfamiliar, the Giant Fly will be shuffled into a random location when defeated).
  13. Not an unreasonable request. I'll see what I can dig up. (No promises for anything immediate though, as we have a patch to get out! )
  14. The intention is that once your account has completed legendary difficulty for all scenarios in a given adventure, you receive the samisen/shield/mask/etc. Obviously, it's not doing that. It appears that current functionality is that if you use the same party slot to complete all legendary difficulties, even if you use different characters, then you will unlock the reward properly. However, if you start a new, separate party, and they complete some of the legendary difficulties so that across multiple parties you have all legendary difficulty scenarios complete, then you don't receive the reward. This is a bug! We're working on it.
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