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  1. Just happened to me today too - Ipad Air AD 6-2 Seelah encountered enchantress, took the force damage. Won the encounter, no fire damage(had a breastplate of fire resistance all ready to recharge) Was at one of the locations in AD 6-2 on a 4 player map, I think the one where you have to defeat a Bandit(+2) to close. No special location power that should have affected it.
  2. I can confirm that I got a +100 gold popup (the same as the +2/+3 when defeating monsters) when I completed a challenge mid mission. But yeah, I too was confused by the change back to old behavior and no note in the changelog (or change to UI tex)
  3. It's not just that it defaults to "strength/melee". I used.... Kyra I think with Holy Light, and the soldier recharged for a boost. The check at the top just said "combat" but when I clicked the dropdown to try to change types, the only option was Combat-Divine. And I was definitely getting my divine bonus. (It's possible it was Seoni and an Arcane Deck B->2 spell, but pretty sure it was Kyra)
  4. I know there are a lot of bugs with mending but I didn't see this one. Seelah had a "Longsword +1" in her discard pile. Then she cast Improved Mending to return it to her hand. She recharged Improve Mending. [Now I'm at what I'll call "Position A"] I wanted to force the recharging of some of her armor so I hit the "discard" icon for ending the turn. I discarded a card(forget which) then recharged armor. At that point I realized I didn't _want_ to discard the other card, so I hit cancel to put me back to "Position A". I got the discarded card back, I got the armor back, I g
  5. I've encountered this bug with stride. Also with Cape of Escape I think.
  6. I have been able to work around the linked issue (in quest mode) by going to main menu and trying again, sometimes with a different order of characters to pick powers. It has taken more than one try. This may or may not work for you, but I did have to do it 3 or 4 times once when 4 characters earned power feats at the same time.
  7. I have been able to get past this by backing out of quest mode to main menu, hitting continue, and trying again. Once it took me 3 total tries. I think I also try different orders between characters each time. I'm not saying that's acceptable, but if you want a potential workaround...
  8. Unsure. I had it happen with 3 cards on the bottom (Brodert Quink), 1 unknown card in the middle, and an examined card on top, and instead of sorting 3 left, 1 middle, 1 right, it sorted them all to the right. But it definitely isn't just the Quill.
  9. I had almost all of my characters elsewhere - Amiri had dragged them off. And they didn't move either.
  10. Seelah encountered Jordimandus and after defeating the summoned monster was offered the choice to go for Diplomacy or Arcane/Combat. I knew Seelah had an adequate charisma so I considered the Diplomacy option. Issue #1: I could not check her power/stats while this option was up. I wanted to look more closely to see if it was a good idea, but I could not look at anything here. However, this issue would be a minor UI problem if it weren't for issue #2. Issue #2: I selected "Diplomacy" and then got an option to discard. At this point I was able to check her and realize that while sh
  11. I had something very similar, except in my case it gave me the extra dice as if I had used the blessing. That is, it changed my die to a D10, and then added a second D10 (as if I had played the blessing) Mine was not a blessing of the gods - I think it was a blessing of Desna. In this case the bug worked entirely in my favor. I got to spend 1 blessing as if it were 2 cards.
  12. See this post, for example (it also has links to others) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89796-belts-of-dexterity-strength-issue-and-others/ Note that you can use the belt and then manually change the check and you'll get the net +1, it's just easy to forget about.
  13. Ezren was at (I think) the mountain Peak. On top of his deck (previously examined) was a unique henchman(the giant with the blue glow on his arms - forget his name - I only mention he was unique so I can be sure I encountered _him_). Harsk started his turrn at the warrents. Ezren used Scrying, selected "Monster", then I decided to cancel Scrying. I had to do a vault-round-trip to fully cancel (to get back to the "select card type" UI and cancel that as well). When I was done cancelling, Harsk explored (the warrens), and suddenly he encountered the henchman that was on top of Ezren's de
  14. Your Sihedron Medallion problem is a feature, not a bug. Damage from the Forgefiend cannot be reduced, so Sihedron Medallion would be discarded the way any other card would be for damage. Not sure about the rest - is there a power for Valeros that gives his ranged weapons the Melee trait? I got confused by this as well. Feels like there should be some UI indicating that you can't reduce the damage - you're "discarding to damage" rather than "discarding for effect".
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