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  1. Just happened to me today too - Ipad Air AD 6-2 Seelah encountered enchantress, took the force damage. Won the encounter, no fire damage(had a breastplate of fire resistance all ready to recharge) Was at one of the locations in AD 6-2 on a 4 player map, I think the one where you have to defeat a Bandit(+2) to close. No special location power that should have affected it.
  2. I can confirm that I got a +100 gold popup (the same as the +2/+3 when defeating monsters) when I completed a challenge mid mission. But yeah, I too was confused by the change back to old behavior and no note in the changelog (or change to UI tex)
  3. It's not just that it defaults to "strength/melee". I used.... Kyra I think with Holy Light, and the soldier recharged for a boost. The check at the top just said "combat" but when I clicked the dropdown to try to change types, the only option was Combat-Divine. And I was definitely getting my divine bonus. (It's possible it was Seoni and an Arcane Deck B->2 spell, but pretty sure it was Kyra)
  4. I know there are a lot of bugs with mending but I didn't see this one. Seelah had a "Longsword +1" in her discard pile. Then she cast Improved Mending to return it to her hand. She recharged Improve Mending. [Now I'm at what I'll call "Position A"] I wanted to force the recharging of some of her armor so I hit the "discard" icon for ending the turn. I discarded a card(forget which) then recharged armor. At that point I realized I didn't _want_ to discard the other card, so I hit cancel to put me back to "Position A". I got the discarded card back, I got the armor back, I got put back in my main turn, and..... my Longsword +1 went back to my discard pile (but Improved Mending was still recharged). Somehow the return of the Longsword +1 got stuck in the "cancel" stack for the end of turn?
  5. I've encountered this bug with stride. Also with Cape of Escape I think.
  6. I have been able to work around the linked issue (in quest mode) by going to main menu and trying again, sometimes with a different order of characters to pick powers. It has taken more than one try. This may or may not work for you, but I did have to do it 3 or 4 times once when 4 characters earned power feats at the same time.
  7. I have been able to get past this by backing out of quest mode to main menu, hitting continue, and trying again. Once it took me 3 total tries. I think I also try different orders between characters each time. I'm not saying that's acceptable, but if you want a potential workaround...
  8. Unsure. I had it happen with 3 cards on the bottom (Brodert Quink), 1 unknown card in the middle, and an examined card on top, and instead of sorting 3 left, 1 middle, 1 right, it sorted them all to the right. But it definitely isn't just the Quill.
  9. I had almost all of my characters elsewhere - Amiri had dragged them off. And they didn't move either.
  10. Seelah encountered Jordimandus and after defeating the summoned monster was offered the choice to go for Diplomacy or Arcane/Combat. I knew Seelah had an adequate charisma so I considered the Diplomacy option. Issue #1: I could not check her power/stats while this option was up. I wanted to look more closely to see if it was a good idea, but I could not look at anything here. However, this issue would be a minor UI problem if it weren't for issue #2. Issue #2: I selected "Diplomacy" and then got an option to discard. At this point I was able to check her and realize that while she does have good Charisma, she lacks the Diplomacy skill, so everything would be a d4. I wanted to cancel and go back to selecting Combat/Arcane but that was not an option. Given that no dice have been rolled and no hidden information has been revealed, I feel like we should be allowed to undo the choice of Combat/Arcane vs. Diplomacy and make the choice again.
  11. I had something very similar, except in my case it gave me the extra dice as if I had used the blessing. That is, it changed my die to a D10, and then added a second D10 (as if I had played the blessing) Mine was not a blessing of the gods - I think it was a blessing of Desna. In this case the bug worked entirely in my favor. I got to spend 1 blessing as if it were 2 cards.
  12. See this post, for example (it also has links to others) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89796-belts-of-dexterity-strength-issue-and-others/ Note that you can use the belt and then manually change the check and you'll get the net +1, it's just easy to forget about.
  13. Ezren was at (I think) the mountain Peak. On top of his deck (previously examined) was a unique henchman(the giant with the blue glow on his arms - forget his name - I only mention he was unique so I can be sure I encountered _him_). Harsk started his turrn at the warrents. Ezren used Scrying, selected "Monster", then I decided to cancel Scrying. I had to do a vault-round-trip to fully cancel (to get back to the "select card type" UI and cancel that as well). When I was done cancelling, Harsk explored (the warrens), and suddenly he encountered the henchman that was on top of Ezren's deck. He defeated it, and did his check to close, and closed The Warrens(where Harsk was, not where the henchman was)
  14. Your Sihedron Medallion problem is a feature, not a bug. Damage from the Forgefiend cannot be reduced, so Sihedron Medallion would be discarded the way any other card would be for damage. Not sure about the rest - is there a power for Valeros that gives his ranged weapons the Melee trait? I got confused by this as well. Feels like there should be some UI indicating that you can't reduce the damage - you're "discarding to damage" rather than "discarding for effect".
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