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  1. Seelah's Inheritor's Favor is not working properly. Sometimes I'm not given the option to recharge or discard the blessing, causing the blessing to be discarded automatically. Last time it happened, I was playing Brigandoom, trying to close the Prison after defeating the henchman. I used Inspired Grace (which unfortunately made me discard a card because it was not a blessing, nor a spell) and a Favor of Iomedae. After I succeeded at closing the location, I realized that the Favor was in my discard pile.
  2. The item Skinsaw Mask is not working with the Returning Throwing Axe +1. I was not able to reveal the Skinsaw Mask when I chose to attack with this weapon, even though it has the slashing trait. Oddly enough, when I revealed the Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1, I was able to reveal the Skinsaw Mask and add 1d6 to the combat check.
  3. That's pretty curious. Game/character saves don't include specific information like card traits. Card traits should have been globally updated the next time you restarted after Android, right? The only thing I can think is that the split load didn't go smoothly and the APK part updated fine, but you never got the new OBB file with the updated card database. It could also explain other weird loading problems if you have had them lately. Which version does it say you have in Options-->Settings? 809-20170214? Yes, that's my version. PFID-DAC038293D4F080 Android 5
  4. I have found it in-game since before the "fix" and the weapon still lacks the magic trait. It remains a elite weapon.
  5. Do you remember that the description from The Scribbler's card says that he is undefeated in the first time you defeat him? Well, a undefeated villain drains a number of cards from the blessings deck equal to the number of open locations minus one when he/she is undefeated, thus shortening the time you have to win the scenario. So there is no bug. That is the same thing that happens with Mommy Graul.
  6. You need urgently to fix the Slaying Sword, because it is lacking the Magic trait, so it's unable to defeat most of the creatures of advanced Adventure Decks.
  7. The weapon Slaying Sword lacks the Magic trait and can't defeat monsters that can only be defeated by magic weapons. More details here.
  8. All Slaying Weapons are, so It should be magic. I used it assuming that the weapon had the magic trait, but it doesn't, so that's the bug. As for the Spectre incident, you're right, there is no bug about it, since the weapon lacks the magic trait. I will link this thread to a new one about the Slaying Sword.
  9. Thanks for the answer, but I have to tell you that this isn't my case. I was playing with Tier 5/6 characters and I was using a Slaying Sword. I came back here because I found out that this bug is actually originated from this weapon, because its card is lacking the Magic trait, and therefore can't defeat incorporeal creatures and others that immune to mundane weapons.
  10. Story Mode, Brigandoom, Legendary Amiri and Seelah are in the Garrison. It's Seelah's turn, and she encounters a Spectre. As usual, another Spectre was summoned to fight Amiri. She defeats it. Then, Seelah defeats the other one. Oddly, Seelah is moved to another location (she went to the Farmhouse) and the Spectre apparently went back to the location deck, as if it was undefeated. Seelah's turn had not yet ended, and I could use a blessing to explore her new location. This time, she faced a Shadow and beat its combat check. But again, it was undefeated and was shuffled to its location deck
  11. No, Sajan was not equipped with any character alts, and I don't own any alts.
  12. My Sajan had the following skill feats prior to the bug: Dex +4, Wis +1. After I completed the scenario Scaling Mhar Nassif, everyone gained a Skill Feat, which is ok, because that's the scenario reward. But when I was going to upgrade Sajan's skills, I noticed that his skill feats were altered to Dex +4 and Con +1! I upgraded his Wis again to +1, but I could do nothing about his Con.
  13. Are the Slaying Weapons supposed to be banished after a Scenario? I acquired a Slaying Axe with Valeros, who had used it in some battles and then gave it to Amiri. After I finished the Scenario (6.1), I couldn't find the weapon among Amiri's cards.
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