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  1. I just picked the game up again after not touching it in several months. I've wiped my phone since then and lost everything but there have been 2 new content patches since so I didn't mind starting over in story mode with a new team. After finishing story mode I figured I would start quest mode to outfit my team with all the shiny gear from chests. I was optimistic in thinking the dev's would have done something to make quest mode less endlessly grueling and boy was I wrong. I am just really disappointed to be level 5 with a 5 man team and finish a long game that comes down to 4 life an
  2. Seela (hospitilizer str/wis)- Str/Cha checks. Utilizes best Melee/Heavy armor boons. High average combat. Trait ability gives her high averages for most checks. Can explore 2-3 times easily a turn not to mention crusade which can be up to 2 more with self sustain. Weakness - armor/weapons clutter the hand discard any extra weapons and recharge armor at the end of the turn because you will most likely draw another. Lini (wild warden/wis/str)- Wis/All checks. Utilizes best Divine boons for team utility. Trait ability lets her succeed at nearly every check. Tons of self sustain so c
  3. If it is intended I implore the devs to give us back the Guard Tower. There just isn't enough experience gained per encounter without taking advantage of bonus enemy encounters. Leveling seems to take so long that I'm dissuaded from playing heroes outside my initial maxed party.
  4. Has anyone been able to work around this and continue the mission? I just encountered it for the first time after farming Zombie Horde with 4 heroes for about 7 turns and the thought of forfeiting is really depressing.
  5. I didn't see Major Cure listed on the updated bug list so I want to bring this back up. I have used it probably 20x and would say 50% of the time it acts like a normal cure and just heals D4+1 and no extra. I have not been able to determine a common factor in it's issue.
  6. Ah yeah I only encountered this in story mode. Did you try adding new versions of the locked heroes to a party before quitting?
  7. I try to catch who gets what and how much at the end a quest but it goes so fast. Does everyone get all of the experience? Is it all put in a pool throughout the scenario and divided equally at the end? If experience is split, is it divided to heroes that are already max level and don't receive exp?
  8. I've encountered this problem and I've found what fixes it is starting the game with a party they're already in and then forfeiting and quitting out completely.
  9. Apologies for sounding ungrateful but there have been several discussions about this for weeks with no dev response. The Technical Support page could really use an updated post for what is known about so we what needs to be brought up.
  10. Affirming the Major Cure issue. Sometimes I get the extra card sometimes I don't. It's like it's choosing the extra card first and if the card it chooses got shuffled in with the first die roll then when it goes to recharge that card it's not there.
  11. When greater luckstone is used to succeed at a check failed by 3 or less you are still given the option to recharge and if you succeed it is recharged. I assumed this recharge effect was only for the intentional discard ability.
  12. I was playing quest mode with 4 players Ezren was at location A Lini was at location B In Lini's exploration she came across a goblin Warchanter. Lini attempts to use her crossbow and is then prompted to roll wisdom which with her animal ability she passes with ease. Lini then adds orb of firestorm and the game adds the 2d4. Then Ezren, from Location A Tries using Incendiary Cloud which has the attack trait so the game makes Ezren roll wisdom. He fails the check, then Incendiary Cloud gets returned to Lini's hand.
  13. I meant before you ever see what's on top. After the dice is rolled it gets flipped off the top like the poison trap.
  14. I solved it for myself once and sounds like it has worked for another person as well. See here. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86982-quest-mode-gone-again/?p=1812219 Heres the cliff notes version. What finally worked was deleting the sav file inside sav slot 99 while the game was running and then exiting.
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