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  1. Personally never had a problem with Edér and Pallegina, I had 2 copies of each show up in my collection right after I linked my Steam and mobile accounts. As for the dice... until last night, nothing had happened, but today, after closing and re-opening the app a few times (and giving it a few minutes in between, no clue if that factors into things), 18 each of all 6 legendary dice have shown up for me. Not sure why 18 (how can I ever possibly use more than 6 at a time?) but hey, that's fine.
  2. Having the same issue as well, missing all 6 legendary dice, though Steam shows that I have both the "All Alts" and the "All Treasures" DLC (and I have all the alts and treasures in my collection). PFID is AB28BAA143E5B93A
  3. Will the Ambassador Program coupon stack with the current 25% off? Will it be available in time? Otherwise it feels to me like the Ambassador Program is a bit cheapened if everyone gets a bigger discount right now anyways, and part of the free bonus stuff for Ambassadors is free for everyone right now too.
  4. Glad to see the mills turn, if slowly. I suggested this feature pretty much right after the game came out. Cool to see it's finally coming! Will be great for everyone to curse Lem all the more when they realise he just failed a 97.2% roll! ;P
  5. Are there any news on multiplayer? Is it dead for good? Is it still planned?
  6. Yeah, exactly. I've had the luck of only pulling a Skinsaw Ritual with a single character so far, but a friend told me that indeed, you get dealt the scenario power damage only once even if you defeat multiple henchmen summoned by a horde barrier. So that's another inconsistent behaviour that needs fixing one way or another.
  7. I agree, it would be great to have a final tally to at least see how close it was, get a bit more of a sense of accomplishment and such.
  8. I think Here Comes the Flood is one of the worst scenarios in the game in the first place. I like the basic idea, that it works quite differently from the standard scenario format, that you're rushing around trying to save as many people as you can manage. But the execution makes it incredibly random, which is frustrating more often than not, as you frequently feel like there was nothing you could've done any better and you still lost. Increasing the Black Magga chomp to 1d6 only exacerbates that in my opinion. So I agree, a different Heroic power like making allies harder to acqui
  9. I agree, this card is a trap. It generally costs you two cards for a slightly better combat check than most other melee weapons, which cost you zero cards. Keep in mind you not only have to discard a card to use it at all, you also take 1 unpreventable damage afterwards. And 1d8+3 isn't that much better than, say, a Longsword +2 at 1d8+2. The discard effect for another 1d8+3 is pretty strong, but three cards (unless the card you discarded to use the Vicious Trident and the trident itself were your last two cards) for 2d8+6 are still a steep cost.
  10. I still think the scenario power would work much more fairly if it only triggered on non-summoned henchmen. That's still quite a lot of damage potentially. It's also inconsistent with 3-1. In 3-1, Mammy Graul's difficulty only increases by 2 for each non-summoned henchman defeated (even though it doesn't say "non-summoned"), while in 3-5, the scenario power triggers on summoned henchmen as well. I think the way 3-5 works right now mostly makes it more random... if you get lucky and don't pull any horde barriers you're gonna have a much easier time than if you do. And I, personally, muc
  11. I don't think it's a scaling issue, I think it's an issue that the image layers are in the wrong order. The image border and text field should be in front of the card illustration, but it's the other way round. It appears to be a rare glitch and not specifically tied to Lamatar Bayden anyways, I didn't run into it again on my Heroic playthrough, he displayed fine then.
  12. It's not game breaking, no, but it is affecting character power a fair bit and as pointed out will only get worse the later in the adventure path we are.
  13. At least if there is no choice as to target, yes. Cure, Staff of Minor Healing, Scrying, the 1d4+1 healing of Major Cure, etc. still work fine off turn. It appears that only cards that affect just "you" rather than giving you a choice (even if there's no actual choice, like a Cure when you're alone) will use the active character as "you" rather than the character who plays them.
  14. When you cast Major Cure on another character's turn, the 1 card that you're supposed to shuffle from your discard pile into your deck actually gets shuffled from the discard pile of the character whose turn it is into their deck instead, even if they're at an entirely different location.
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