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  1. Unfortunately, the game still seems to be burdened by bugs, one year after the release. Orb of Frost doesn't count as a buried card for the "Shovel the Cards" objective (happened twice already to me) and the buried card from Faceless Stalker's ability also doesn't count for that objective. Unless I am missing something the buried cards in both occasions should count toward the total 15. Another problem I faced was that 2 heroes died in the 5.4 so when I completed the 5th campaign they did not receive the card feat. I haven't played for a long time and I don't remember if the bug I encountered last summer when heroes were down was this one, or if the heroes couldn't get the upgrade even if I did the entire campaign from the start. I haven't tried yet a second playthrough of the campaign, but I hope it works next time I complete it.
  2. Legendary? I am having trouble with them even on the easiest difficulty. Trying as we speak the 4th scenario for the 3rd time. Since the update my rolls are abysmal. Obviously, I don't believe the theories about dice manipulation (what would be the point), but from my experience in the last few days, I wouldn't rule out a coding problem, as rolling 3-5 with 3xd10+ dice is the norm right now. I have rolled so many 1's in the last 2 days that it's getting out of hand. Makes me wish I hadn't thrown away the Dogslicer+1 I had. The 4th scenario is probably the most difficult I have faced so far. Henchmen who require fire trait to be defeated, henchmen who hide at the bottom of their deck if undefeated, 2 villains, and on top of that, you have to defeat the 2 villains in the same turn, probably with the same character. Add the harpies who slap the heroes around like toys and it quickly becomes a nightmare. I am playing with 4 heroes; I don't want to think what a mess would be with 6 heroes. Is it even beatable with 6 heroes at legendary?
  3. The combo you posted is annoying, but not impossible to beat. The worst I have encountered is, by far, the -5 blessings in the blessing deck and 1 blessing discard from the blessings deck if you fail to acquire a boon. Auto quit.
  4. I hate this barrier. Almost as much as I hate the Siren. It's funny how in my first playthrough, the girls (Kyra and Merisiel) no trouble with her (the first would outrun her, the second outwit her), while poor Valeros would spend days trying to slip away. It doesn't help that the RNG in the game is extremely week. Valeros encountered her four times in a row (always ending the top card in a 7 card location).
  5. Also, I have noticed in quests (mostly) that after you get the win message, sometimes the gold you gain (100/150/200) is not displayed properly (it shows 0), but you do get it.
  6. Yeah, I played a few games with it because, as I said, I had a Bastard sword which didn't have the magic trait, but I didn't like the weapon. Discarding an extra cards if a big hit, even to a 6-card hand Valeros. It did however give me a win against the stone giant villain in 3-5. It was epic. Rolled 7 dice, got 4 aces, but still won thanks to the trident. Despite the help though I will replace it as soon as I find something better.
  7. And yet I won by getting 6/15 allies, which allowed me to advance to the next scenario. I guess the bug runs deeper than just a false display.
  8. This is what happened with my game as well. Got to 6 allies and "won". I didn't linger though. I took the win, whispered a prayer to Sarenrae, and moved on. Most hated scenario so far. I just hope it is bugged and allows wins with <8 allies. Now I have to work on my new group and get there fast, before it is patched.
  9. I have only 1 team right now in campaign (Merisiel, Kyra, Valeros) and I finally get to choose roles for them. Ferl free to post your thoughts about other characters, as I am looking to start a new team and want to have as much information as possible on all of them. Merisiel For me, Acrobat seems the obvious choice; or should I say the only road worth taking. The second level of Hide looks amazing. Setting up a location for a specialist to come and clean up sounds too good to pass. Sneak Attack has only 1 level less, but is anyone really going to spend 3 more feats on Sneak Attack? Sabotage Location needs one more feat to unlock with Acrobat, and although Sabotage Barrier is most likely wasted on Meri as she is already good with barriers, I haven't played the physical game and have no idea what I will find down the road. Restricting the "Collection" to just items hurts a little the role, but she is already good enough with ranged weapons and her strength isn't bad, so this should be okay to pass. Magic Expert doesn't seem to do much considering Charisma is her second worst skill together with Constitution (Wisdom buffs perception so it is a little higher), so it doesn't seem to be a good reason to take the Thief role, or to spend the feat even if you do take Thief. Kyra This is a tough one. I thought I liked Healer more as I already have maxed her Heal, and partly because I have no idea what Enemy Lore: Outsider does. If it means she adds the 1D8+1 when fighting banes with the Outsider trait, then the wording of the ability is terrible. But, and this this a big but, the healer role seems incredibly boring. The divine trait can be found mostly on blessings, which she can get as she is now (+5 to divine), and Dawnflower's Favor can be accessed from the other role as well. Additionally, spending 2 more feats on Heal just to make it do something extra, seems a waste of feat points as Heal is not something you want to use very often. On the other hand, her Exorcist unique powers looks very situational. I've had games with Kyra in which she encountered 0 undead. If this happens often it makes this entire side of her powers obsolete. Like I said, difficult choice. Valeros Guardian looks too passive to me. The increase to hand size is nice, but there are a few things I don't like. The armors I have used so far can be played for a recharge effect, or a bury effect, so I am not sure where the discard comes in. I also find weapons are more interesting than armors so Weapon Collector feels more useful than getting an extra armor and keeping it in your hand just in case you need it. Even more so when the 3 armors he currently has seem enough and I often recharge them as I find more than one in my hand. Finally we have Miraculous Constitution vs Miraculous Strength. I assume the D12 applies to melee checks as well and this seems way more useful than the occasional Constitution check. Too bad I'll be missing Shield Another because it will be great if you group heroes, but I often have Valleros take on a bane-heavy location alone in order to cover more ground. If you have any experience playing the next adventures (physical game) and you know something that will tip the scales in favor of one side, or if your experience with the game has shown you that the The Road Not Taken is more rewarding, let us know.
  10. In my first playthrough (Merisiel, Kyra, Valeros) none made to the +4. Merisiel: +3 dex, +1 cha I regretted not going +4. I thought the bonus to charisma would make her better with ally checks, but it was not useful most of the time. Kyra: +1 str, +3 wis I regretted not going +2/+2. I thought I would depend on spells for combat, but Kyra's problem is she starts with way too few spells. Even with 5 spells, she doesn't have much room for offensive spells because she also has to heal and provide support, so I found she depends heavily on her weapon to be useful in combat. In my next playthrough I will replace her with Lini. Valeros: +2 str, +2 cha His base melee is amazing so he would probably be okay with just +1 in strength and give the extra +1 to dex. Haven't given it much thought, but I will most likely stich with the +2/+2. He still only has 5 weapons in his deck, but he never had trouble finding weapons to recharge, so he rolls many dice anyway. For the next playthrough which I will start today of tomorrow, I am thinking a team of 4: Valeros, Merisiel, Lini, Ezren/Lem
  11. I've had the worst luck with dice rolling in this game, and I would probably be able to contribute more in a topic of "How many 1's you can roll", but seeing these scores makes me hopeful. One of these days I will also take my place in this wall of fame. Ah, that moment in the game when you think you have overcommitted, and then roll 5-6 with 2xD12 + 3D6. I've had lots of those.
  12. Is it worth keeping? Merisiel was too happy to pass this on Valeros after she opened a chest and found many goodies (including a Deathbane Crossbow - Woo–hoo). The 1 unpreventable damage hurts, but I consider replacing a regular Bastard Sword I have on Valeros with this one, and considering he usually has 2+ weapons on him at any time (hand size of 6), I can choose to use something else if I want to avoid the discard. That is until a villain or a tough henchman appears. I will probably keep it for now and see how the next game goes.
  13. That's what I did, after I got Valeros. However, it is also fine if you unlock a few extra characters, like Lem and Ezren before you move for the character pack, as I wasn't very impressed with the 4 heroes in the pack, except Lini. I haven't played a lot with them, but they seem a little harder to use, or at least it is harder for me to get used to them.
  14. I don't know what they broke in the last update, but 70-80% of the quests are against Caizarlu Zerren. Before the update I was seeing him in 15-20% of the quests, but it's becoming a joke right now. He is the most annoying villains in the 1st and 2nd adventure and having to fight him so often is exhausting.
  15. Not trying again a 6-team play thought any time soon. I tried playing a couple of quests and it was a nightmare. For a 4-team play I think I will go for the extra spell.
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