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  1. Agreed, but how about some communication on their part. It's crazy that the month is almost over and there hasn't been any official word on it being delayed and when the next update will be.
  2. I would agree that 3-4 is the sweet spot. With that in mind though I decided to create a party of six using the characters that all had a d12 in their main stat (Mersiel, Kyra, Seoni, Harsk, Ezren and Amiri). I ran them through the first four adventures (0-1 to 1-1) and they did well though I did have to do 0-1 and 0-3 twice due do time. Same thing just happened in 1-2. For fun I then decide to create a party with the remaining 5 characters running through the same adventures and for some reason they had an easier time only having to repeat 0-2. And that was with Lini pretty much doing next to nothing most of the time. I've decided to run both parties concurrently alternating after completing each adventure. It will be interesting to see which one has an easier time as it progresses.
  3. It's funny as I've been tapping on that chest on and off since I started playing about 3 weeks ago. As soon as I make this post and check the responses I go back in and tap on it yet again and voila, it opens! Anyways, thanks for the replies!
  4. Do we get a free treasure chest when we start? I've never bought one but the chest icon to the left of the gold shows I have 1. I click on the 1 and it takes me to a screen with a red background and a glowing/vibrating chest but no matter what I try I can't get the chest to open.
  5. I was wondering about this issue to and thanks for clarifying Longshot11. I assume this technically applies to the physical game too? Since I started playing the app I have picked up Skull and Shackles and have been playing it with my wife & daughter. I played the physical RotR game a while back with a friend and we just swapped out unwanted cards for any basics in the box. I take it this was not supposed to be the case? I can't find it specifically in the rule book so I just wanted to confirm that's how it should be played in the physical game too. Thanks.
  6. After Rhygar's post I decided to run Poison Pill and it did pay out the gold correctly so hopefully the problem as been fixed for both quests and legendary scenarios.
  7. I don't know if this helps or not but could there be some sort of counter (not intentional of course) after which point the gold isn't accumulating? I'm not having the issues in quest mode but with two Legendaries. I've already mentioned that the issue is affecting me for Poison Pill. Since that stopped awarding gold correctly I started running Brigandoom! That worked for a while but eventually stopped rewarding gold correctly also. I'm now running Black Fang and am counting the number of times I've completed it (9 currently) to note if/when it stops awarding gold correctly. Factoring in what I've bought with the gold and allowing for my daily gold since I've signed up and gold accumulated from monsters/closings I'm estimating both scenarios stopped awarding gold correctly around the 30th run through mark. Maybe quest mode has a higher point before it stops rewarding gold correctly?
  8. I mentioned in the other thread it was Poison Pill. It had been the only one I had checked. I just ran Black Fang and it did award the 200 gold correctly.
  9. I finally had time to run a quest and the gold from that did save but I also tried another Legendary scenario and the gold from that didn't.
  10. A couple of us have reported the same thing for Legendary scenarios. I haven't had time to run a quest yet. The gold we get for monsters and closing is accumulating correctly. Is it also for you?
  11. @Archangelrey: Is your gold still accumulating from monster and closing awards? Mine is so I can't imagine it's Gamecenter or Account related in my case as it is keeping track of that correctly. It just isn't keeping the gold awarded at the end of Legendaries. I'll try a quest when I have some time and see if it accumulates or not.
  12. I'm having the same issue. Ran 4 legionaries this morning. The first one showed I had 0 gold and was awarded 0 gold. After exiting my gold was still there at the same level as last night. The other 3 all showed me being awarded the 200 gold but after I'd exit it would be back to the pre-award level. Monster and closing gold still accumulates though.
  13. I've run three Legendary scenarios this morning and the first one on payout showed it payed 0 gold and that I had 0 gold. Upon exiting I went to collect my daily gold and it showed I had 580 or so before, which is what I had last night, and 780 or so afterwards. After that I've run two more and both showed the gold payout and my total gold increasing by 200 but when I checked it afterwards it was back at original level before the scenario payout. Update: I waited a bit, restarted game and ran a Legendary scenario again with the same result of it showing gold payout but it not being there after hitting the continue button. The gold payout from monsters and closing is accumulating though.
  14. Thanks for all the great advice everyone. @Borissimo, thanks for the soloing Merisiel on Poison Pill legendary suggestion. I had just been running her and Kyra on basic quest mode for 100g a pop but this is must quicker. I'm going to save up for the character add-on pack first which I should be able to get in 3-4 days if not sooner. Then I'll put together a party and start back through story mode with them. It seems a three person party may be more manageable than a four person party from some of the comments.
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