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  1. No one knows? I found a save data folder but i transfered the data on it and nothing happened, i think that was story mode data instead of quest mode data EDIT: ok since i couldn't find the specific file, i copied the whole data folder and it worked
  2. Sorry for bumping this thread again folks but i can't find the file with my quest mode character, can you guys tell me where it's located?
  3. i'm more worried about all the stuff i unlocked with coins getting lost rather than my actual save and beside how would i connect to the cloud again after formatting my cellphone? it's not like there is a way to manage account that i know off
  4. well this is not really a bug i suppose, but i need tech support so i guess this is the place to go basicaly i need to wipe my phone memory but i'm not sure if that's 100% safe in regarding to progress, how can i be 100% sure that my progress will be saved? do i need to keep a user code? is it stored in my google account? if it is how can i be sure it's there and that i won't lose any progress upon deleting the app?
  5. this card is ****ing amazing for when you have to clear the last check, one time i had kyra with +4 strenght, melee +2, the strenght spell (+3) and this weapon (+6) and the bonus i had was so big i didn't even need to roll the dice and if you don't want to deal with it's negative effect, just use another weapon for the trash mobs
  6. hello, i remember finding something like this (it was a google doc) a while ago, now that i've finaly completed adventure 3 and it's time to choose my role, i can't seems to find this guide anymore can anyone help me find it again?
  7. well first of all you should buy adventure 1 since it only cost 800 gold and it adds lot of cards, after that i suggest buying any of the character that has the arcane skill as it helps a lot with closing location that would be impossible for the rogue/cleric combination to close, between the wizard,the sorceress and the bard i went for the sorceress but you might want to pick someone else after that i bought adventure 2 and then the C deck, after the C deck, adventure 3, after adventure 3 the remaining 4 characters, and after that save 4000 for when they release adventure 4 and spend the rest on chests
  8. The Medusa Mask says "When you encounter a monster FROM A LOCATION DECK..." So, the bug is that you've been able to play it at all on a summoned monster. uh i see, i see, i encountered the donkey rat monster, rolled a 1 and that summoned a ogrekin henchman if that can help with understanding the bug
  9. Well i'm not 100% sure this is a bug but i guess pointing this out can't hurt I used medusa Mask on a summomed henchman and wouldn't you know, the summomed henchman remained in the deck instead of disappearing like it should have Is it supposed to work like that or not? The medusa Mask clearly say to leave the card you use it on top of the deck but summoned unit should vanish no matter what so i'm not sure what's the correct behavior here
  10. i was able to update yesterday, i hadn't had the time to play to see if i can receive the rewards but if anyone wants to know anything i can check this or that
  11. it works like (A or B) then C when you succeed the first check, it only seems to not work like it should when you fail a check
  12. hello, i think i found another bug i was playing quest mode and i closed all locations except the last one with xanesha in it, then meridiel finds xanesha, i'm ready to get into combat but i accidentaly used a wisdom blessing which made the game switch from a combat check to a wisdom check, i throw the dice without realizing the change and meridiel throws a 9, 1 below the required 10 to defeat xanesha, so i bury the luckstone in order to succeed the check and... the game ends with my victory for some reason by using the luckstone the game never made me roll for the second combat check EDIT: i played some more quest mode game with xanesha as the villain and i noticed that for some reason the game skip the second combat check if you fail the first one (which in itself should be another different bug since losing the first check should just stop you from using weapon and magic on the second check) and i think what happened is that the game thought i failed the first check so it skipped the second check, then when i played the luckstone now the first check was considered passed so the game just awarded me the victory
  13. since my character finaly got to level 20, the randomness of quest mode has actualy stopped being quite random, in fact all of my game have been pretty much the same, first of all i always encounter these locations Academy Apothecary Farm House General Store Prison The Old Light Treacherous Cave Village House Waterfront Wooden Bridge Junk Beach The Rusty Dragon i used to encounter these location but now no matter how many quest mode game i play, they just don't appear anymore Deeper Dungeons Desecrated Vault Mountain Peak Shrine to Lamashtu Thassilonian Dungeon Throne Room Warrens Woods Shadow Clock most of the time i get the scenario power that force you to receive damage when you defeat an undead monster and the villain is always either that necromancer that resurrect on a 1 or 2 or that elf that gets stronger if there aren't at least 2 character in his location, there are a lot of scenario power i used to see that just don't seems to appear anymore is this a bug or what? also in one particulary rare game where the game did decide to pick some new stuff i encountered the boa villain from the "here comes the flood" scenario and since they don't have the "attempt to close the location when defeating this villain" text it actualy made completing that game much harder by forcing me to go through all the location cards, is that supposed to happen?
  14. there is a bug that make it so that some cards showed on the gallery can't actualy be obtained look in the bug section, one of the dev said he was very sorry for this bug because it tricked some people into hunting for something that didn't really exist and listed what cards are shown incorrectly or alternatively wait for the patch to be released since i assume that it's one of the bug it's going to fix
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