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  1. After almost 6 months I re-installed the game to check what progression has been made, after a very fast check on the forum. So, in less than 10 minutes I found this situation: - a lot of new content: very good! More and more months playing and having fun for all player, both f2p and p2p. I always loved this game since I discovered it in the Play Store one year ago. - no Quest mode: never really played it but I can easily understand that a lot of players are suffering this. - no more Multiplayer feature: broken hearth ... I really really really hoped since the first second I insta
  2. Hi all, I reinstalled the app after several months and I found this amazing version of the game. Really I can't explain how happy I was and how enjoyable it is the game now with all the changes you made in the last months. All the changes make now the game much more interesting and stimulating, with wider possibilities and so many playable styles. I really appreciate your great effort to make the game always better. The difference is really tangible guys. Also you confirmed my idea about your great creativity and game design capability. So, why has it taken so long? Now, the tech
  3. I re-logged in the forum after 2 weeks. + 20 threads in forum first 3 categories +100 threads in Technical Support This forum is almost at a dead end as the the game at the moment... The amount of bs from "1 AD per month from June" to "just few weeks more"... and a bunch of fans still 'encouraging' an incompetent team of developers... Board game is great and graphics is quite cool... that's why this app survives from month to month. Commercial flop after years of development and 6 months since release, no matter how many kids download a free app from stores. There are really better
  4. Just an estimation of macro-behavior if you have an incomplete and defective product in a world that release daily new complete and stable in any market. This is a little sub-market of an oceanic market. People can easily find substitutions. No hyperbole but if you can find this game as a commercial success ... I ll change my opinion... Quest add Tiers with power/abilities over decades of levels... so 40 + 10 * 3 ADx... easy induction. ADx introduce extensions to the software, don't alter the structural mechanic implementations that are the most complex and cost significant elements i
  5. Try to progress with a different device. Perhaps you can access your account with a friend's device. If we are lucky you could pass a critical step you have encountered. And send your ID to devs so they can check your data directly.
  6. Welcome ! I think you just have to drag your characters icons over the locations to choose the starting location for each one mate
  7. Not sure. Farmhouse rule: When closing "Summon and defeat a random monster" Rat Swarm: "If you not defeat by at least 4 shuffle it into the deck it come from; still counts as defeated. So we need to know 3 things: 1) player failed beat Rat Swarm? (he said something that still doesn't exclude that logically, so we need confirmation) 2) the animation really added the Rat Swarm in the location deck? (it could be just an automatic animation and an other Rat Swarm could be already inside the location) <- you could know that if the monster count in location deck composition changed (addi
  8. I like your point of view mate. Just I m getting really worried about the completion of the content, because a lot of players move to other apps in meantime and I don't think they will ever return. And we are in point of equilibrium where older leaves and new ones join but with a really low average playtime for game potential. With next AD also Quest mode will expand incredibly going to 70 lvl(?)... There are players that can imagine the end point and can hold position for years for sure... but the most searches for new stuff after a while, it's inevitable. And half content and a sea of is
  9. Apparently there isn't any piece of code really safe at the moment. Also that is a scenario trigger at the start of char turn, so only scenario powers could modify something and I don't remember any power preventing recharge from discard pile.. But you experienced the issue with the last patch again?
  10. Anyway the quality of released code is really poor. Everything they release is bugged. And we are accumulating issues on issues. And we still miss half content (multiplayer included). So we are waiting for an other hundred of issues more or less... Revision and test honestly aren't Obsidian stronger point.
  11. Perfectly explained, but not explained well in the game nor intuitive. The simpler evolution of the actual system is: - if you click the end of turn arrow, you can still tab the trash can (because it is itself an end of turn action) Trash is the last action intuitively for everyone, so the 'arrows' that moves to the end of the action disabling the trash are obviously confusing for the most. Jumping to the end actions preventing trash is illogical. The sequence reworked should be: [normal actions] |-> [trash] -> [end turn] └-> [arrows] -> [end t
  12. Conceptually it is natural, practically you can program a conditioned behavior if you want to avoid specific situations. For example: - 5 blessing at the start, -1 blessing if you miss a boon (game ends at turn 15-10). If I was writing that part of the code, I would have probably added a balance factor for players. And my curiosity was just because I haven't really encountered that card with other scenario powers combinations
  13. Enfeeble evade a monster returning him at the top position of location deck. Scrying is like Augury but you can choose the location to inspect top cards. I'm not a great fan of evading too. I prefer to burn through location decks killing monster and grabbing gold from their pockets!
  14. Yes, we will discover that when he get to lvl 20, if he remember to update the thread
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