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  1. I don't know all the class decks but, Summoner deck has some great spells, like Phantasmal Minion, Agury, Stone Skin, Black Spot, and many others. Druid deck has some nice spells too if you want a good divine caster who can succeed at a lot of check while he has an animal in his hand. Inquisitor has nice Ranged and Finesse weapons, as well as a touch of divine spells and blessings, it is a pretty good ranged deck and it has a character who can use Finesse weapons with Dex. Also Ranger, and Rogue decks have some good ranged weapons.
  2. When are you going to release Skull and Shackles, my favorite base set and adventure path?
  3. There are some big problems with this game that I would like to address. 1. In the physical game you are allowed to choose not to acquire a boon, but you can't in this game. This may not seem like such a bad thing, but when you are at the vault of greed it is a huge problem. Yay! I got a potion of Glibness. bye bye wand of enervation. please make a button that say attempt to acquire boon Yes or no. 2. In the physical game Disrupting rapier +1 get the extra d8 against undead just like the Deathbane light crossbow, not replacing the d4 from discarding it like it does in this game. So when I
  4. Also the dice in this game roll terribly, so that might be part of it, that you might just be rolling poor, which means that you fail to banish banes so they get shuffled back in which requires more explorations. I recommend playing the tabletop game because, while sometimes you will still roll bad, they won't constantly roll 1s, and it is good practice so you can get better at the game, plus there are no bugs, which this game has so many of. Good Luck!
  5. These cards are pointless in ROTR, because of the lack of Demons and outsiders. Couldn't you have put the guide in WOFTR, and had something more useful in the sword's place.
  6. If this were S&S it would be possible, due to him being able to song his own checks.
  7. This set even has things like loot allies and blessings. It even has cards like cards in ROTR but better. For example there is the Master At Arms which is like the soldier but better, and is basic.
  8. Oloch the Warpriest STR d12 Melee STR +1 DEX d4 CON d8 Forttiude CON+3 INT d4 WIS d8 Divine WIS+2 CHA d6 Powers Display a weapon or blessing to add 1 to another character's check. At the end of your turn draw all displayed cards. Kyra's heal with Armors and Blessings. Cards WPN 4 SPl 2 ARMR 3 ITM 1 ALY 0 BLSG 5 Favored: Armor
  9. Play Lini, she is not super good at first, but she can explore decently and heal a lot, and later on she can't fail anything.
  10. Lini is the best character in the game, solo or not. Her d4+ on any check is broken. I took WW and +4 on that power, and almost never use my animals to explore, so she can't fail any check. I would say Ezren and Sajan, because you have to play Ezren right giving him support spells as well as attacks, because he doesn't get any blessings, and Sajan has a lot of blessings, but the only thing he can really do is explore or spend his blessings on his own checks.
  11. As for new mechanics there are ships, plunder, Firearms, The Swashbuckling trait, Summoning and building locations. Some of the scenarios are really different, like The Free Captain's Regetta: There are always 8 locations, an Enemy ship henchman is shuffled into each location, in addition to the normal henchman. Your goal is to bring the Ships to the top of the location deck when the blessings deck empties, and if you defeat one it returns to the top of the deck.
  12. Yeah, this set is pretty fun, but it is also a LOT more harder than ROTR, with its scenarios being very different. I will mention some more of the characters. Lini the Druid STR d4 DEX d6 CON d8 Fortitude CON +2 INT d6 WIS d10 Divine WIS +2 Survival WIS +2 CHA d8 Weapons 1 Spells 4 Armors 1 Items 1 Allies 4 Blessings 4 Handsize 5 When you would discard, bury, or recharge an ally with the Animal trait, you may shuffle it into your deck instead. You may discard a card to use 1d12 for your Strength or Dexterity skill. If the check is against a bane with the Aquatic or An
  13. There is a way to get loot cards back without replaying the scenario, or at least there should be. In case you didn't know, when you start AD3 you can pick any card from B, C, or two ADs below the AD number you just played, including loot . Or at least in the physical game.
  14. With AD6 out, coming soon is Skull and Shackles, and as a player of all the physical game content, I would like to let people know what there is in the AP, who haven't played the phyisical game, so that they can prepare for it. I will start with the characters, and post more of them, along with other things, later including advice for this set. Characters: Alahazra the Oracle Skills STR d4 DEX d4 CON d6 INT d6 WIS d8 CHA d12 Knowledge - INT+2 Divine - CHA+2 Powers: Hand Size 5 or 6 cAN'T remember When you play a spell with the Attack trait, add 2 to the check. At the start of y
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