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  1. Doesn't the logic that you literally cannot go through all the cards mean that you'll time out frequently and increasingly frequently as you add characters? It seems like timing out is the accepted and preferred way for a dungeon run to end per this logic. That cannot be right. I get the idea of having a person play against the clock and all but this is not a clock. I can play as quickly as I like and all it means is I lose faster. That does not seem right.
  2. First of all thank you for responding. Hopefully I can figure this out. This game seems very interesting, I just do not understand why it has become unplayable suddenly. Some questions... Thank you. Some great advise, I tried to use it but am still failing.
  3. So, picked this game up after seeing it in the Humble Bundle. Played through the first couple of scenarios in "Perils of the Lost Coast" and won both (lost a character in the first one) but the third "Black Fang's Dungeon" is all but impossible to finish in the time allotted. I must need more people in my party I theorize. I buy two more toons to fill out a party (mage and ranger). Try to do the whole scenario over again. Now I cannot even complete "Brigandoom!" I time out EVERY time. I don't understand. Why does the game get more difficult when I have more toons? That makes no s
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