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  1. Well, I got to 20 and there seems to be some new bosses cropping up (Justice Ironbriar and various Henchmen), plus a bunch of new cards dropping. I'm getting stuff from deck 3 despite my highest guy being 20, and I still only see 3 possible adventure locations (Sandpoint, Magnimar and Lost Coast). Still no sign whatsoever of the General Store and a few other locations, I'm assuming they're just missing from the quest deck completely. Next plan is to buy the first AD after Burnt Offerings and see if that makes a difference. I'll post an update in a few days once I've ground up 4k gold.
  2. Oh, and on the Story vs Quest point, I should say that I'm a long time PF GM and I own all the card game boxed sets, so we've played through that on my regular game nights with my friends, and thus I've kind of experienced Story mode already. But the party management for Story online seems fiddly and awkward, so I find quest lets me play with the full roster and swap people in and out as I wish. Update : As far as the decks and locations go, I'm not sure if it's still a bit buggy or if it's due to me not buying more AD's, but in quest mode I never (despite having everyone up at aro
  3. Thanks for the replies, folks. Villains and Henchmen certainly aren't tied to Adventure Deck purchases, because I have on occasion been subject to Caizarlu Zellen as a villain, albeit rarely. I'll push on to level 20 and see if anything new opens up, then maybe buy an AD and see if it makes a difference. For science!
  4. Enjoying the game (bugs aside), but I've found that Quest Mode is where I prefer to play, slowly grinding up everyone in parallel and constantly switching my party around and swapping items. I'm wondering if, given that, there is any reason for me to purchase the Adventure Decks? Do they add more cards to the quest card pool, or open up more locations for play? I've hit the grinding wall around level 18 and all I have are Sandpoint, Lost Coast and Magnimar, but I'm not sure if that's because of my Tier or because I haven't bought anything past Burnt Offerings.
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