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  1. By the way, for me restarting the app did not work. I did it about 5-6 times and it solved nothing. I had to restart the iPad.
  2. Thanks. I did this on Sunday night and it did work. However, like others, I haven't been able to collect my daily gold. The timer just resets everyday and I don't get my 200 gold. Since Monday morning, it's been stuck on "1 days remaining"... I saw that a lot of users are having similar issues with this... I've restarted my iPad three times but nothing changed.
  3. Hi, I had two days of daily gold left so I went to pick it up this morning. To my surprise all my 3365 gold had disappeared and I couldn't even pick anything... Aside from all my missing gold, all my other purchases such as adventures and characters and still available. Also, I did see that I was logged in, since the game center icon showed up. I'm on an iPad mini 4, iOS 9.3.2 and the very latest version of Pathfinder Adventures. By the way, I purchased the daily gold on May 7th and I still don't understand why on May 28th I only have 2 days worth of gold left. How can I get my gold back? Edit: after reading another player's post, I checked the vault and the items I got from a treasure chest purchase earlier this week are not there. According the the info in the vault, I own nothing! Thanks in advance.
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