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  1. My story game is bugged since christmas. Every time I try to begin a quest, I encounter Ghlorofaex and can not continue. 1st time that happened was at 6.2, this is my 3rd party I had to play to chapter 6 due to some problems. Very frustrated, 6 weeks no PA...
  2. 3 weeks of being stuck in quest mode now... the every mission regardless of adventure will spawn ghlorofaex bug. Any hope?
  3. Same situation here. Great job. I am a day 1 supporter, even bought the bundles on both ios & android platforms, but I stopped recommending the game when testing patches really went out of control.
  4. And 4 starting cards (i.e. Amiri) is really low, for flexibility reasons I would recommend at least 5 cards for any char.
  5. "Killing ogres in the high places. It would make me get weepy for home, if it weren't full of craven liars." Priceless two-liner from Amiri after the Dam, and if you read her background history it is perfectly fitting. Some more one-liners from her: "This is my kind of festival." "And that means plenty of blood to spill. In this I plan to be generous."
  6. Gorum dislikes! ^^ I don't need more reasons to neglect Heavy Armor. Gorum's word is mandatory.
  7. This. And to have a variety of skills (mostly CHA, WIS, DEX, STR) covered for closing locations. <3 Meri, Kyra, Seoni, Amiri. From a powergaming perspective, I would toss in Lini instead of Kyra, but I spent to much time with her that I can live with her shortcomings (which is mainly her lousy base STR die). But as Hannibal said, many 3-4 player combos will work just fine. And it's not only the party setup, it's the player's experience (I still learn new things every day) and 20% of luck that turns games.
  8. Great info, tyvm you 2. Was I wrong in skipping Heavy Armor for her? My base team consists of Meri, Kyra and Seoni.
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