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  1. @delpheki - Cool that you got it back up and running. I'm on an ipad though, so I have no idea how to access 'sav slot 99' (or if that's even possible?) - Any advice appreciated! @mccrispy - you can still collect 200 gold by doing the story mode on Legendary difficulty (this is fairly easy if you select experienced characters, and go solo with Merisiel, or my favourite combo: Valeros and Lem). Having said that, it's a bit pointless spending money on chests if there's no quest mode (I don't like using treasure cards in Story Mode, it feels like cheating)
  2. So I uninstalled and re-installed the app, but no change. I still can no longer launch Quest Mode: just 'clunk' and nothing.... I can't pinpoint what might have caused this either - one minute it was fine, the next...nothing. Still have Story Mode no problem.
  3. For about the last 24 hrs Quest Mode no longer launches...it just makes the click noise when I tap it but nothing happens. This doesn't appear to be related to the 1.0.3 patch, as I installed this when it was released and played a bunch of games fine. I'm reluctant to delete and re-install the app (seems like the only option left) as I'm not sure what will happen to my purchases/progress. Any ideas? Thanks Ipad mini 2 ios 9.3 Logged into Game Centre fine
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