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  1. Same problem - Valeros (40) can't pick any more card feats - maxed out. Game is stuck and can't be forfeited. Won't be able to play Quests until this is resolved. We had a similar problem in Story Mode last month where characters could not pick powers and game was locked. This was fixed in the last big patch.
  2. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90185-game-stuck-at-5-3-cant-pick-a-power/
  3. My story with Ezren is stuck at the same point too. He also did not complete Into The Mountains. This must be the problem - without a role chosen, they can't pick a new power and proceed.
  4. Still stuck - Valeros still can't pick a power after latest patch. I note that he did not complete Into the Mountains - his partner Seoni did it.
  5. After victory in 5-3 i can't advance because Valeros can't pick a power feat. This must be because he never selected a role and has no extra power slots. He must have died during the scenario where roles are selected. Anyway, this story is frozen. He can't select a power and i can't advance to next screen. I can't forfeit and leave the story either.
  6. Why does the game ask you to roll a d6 for items when you close some locations, when you are never awarded more than one item?
  7. Siren - constantly does big damage and goes back in the deck. Need Wisdom to beat. Rat Swarm - goes back in the deck if you don't crush it. Ghost - need magic to beat. Goblin Warchanter - if you fail first wisdom check, you can't really attack it.
  8. I played once so far and was awarded victory even though I was out scored something like 25-6? The villain was getting 2-3 allies every turn.
  9. "It's a rather simple game and completely dependent upon luck". I don't agree with the writer on either point.
  10. Yes, your explanation on the loading freeze makes sense. I bet that is what happened. Hopefully next patch awards gold and XP on every successful quest.
  11. Thank you Brainwave. I'm still confused - I never picked different versions of characters to start quests. There were 6 versions of K and M right from the start. I guess I should just delete the ones I never used. And it does happen all the time that I don't get gold and XP for completing quests. I thought it might have something to do with my characters being too high level for the difficulty level? I never get XP if I fail the quest.
  12. General questions I have about Quest mode: On "experienced" why are there 1-6 numbered versions of Kyra and Merisiel, and only 1-2 versions of characters I bought later? Why all the versions? How can I tell before a quest if I will get gold and XP if I am successful? Sometimes I complete a quest and get no gold or XP. My characters are all between 9-11.
  13. Either I have the worst luck, or the game cheats on Close Location checks. Almost every time I roll 2d6 to beat a check of 6 it fails. This should be successful close to 70 % of the time.
  14. Seems to be working now after closing and opening from store update.
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