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  1. Quest Mode is still available in today patch that just went live, just FYI.
  2. Hmm I had thought they were just going to revamp the Quest Mode, not make it go away entirely? I do hope they will bring it back. You can only play story mode so much.
  3. So after weeks and weeks and weeks I FINALLY was able to have a session where all locations but 2 were closed. I had fought each villain and forced them all into one location. At the location where I had all 3 villain's cornered, I then fought all 3 of them in turn, over 3 rounds (the other open location was a 100% success to close during the close location screen, so I could keep them from escaping to that location). After successfully fighting all 3 villains in that one location (they were the only 3 cards in that location), and the other location was closed during ever battle with them, the scenario did not end? Am I doing something wrong? I am fairly certain that is the condition for completing this scenario? Just wondering if I am missing something. Also when I failed and then went to the manage your cards screen, suddenly Seoni has TWO Wands of Enervation. o.O (I only had one). Damn, if only it would have bugged out and gave me another Quill! EDIT: I was able to corner all 3 Villains again, I fought one of them, then the screen glitched out on some check. I closed the app and then started it and then was at a check to recharge a globe. And then fought the other 2 and the scenario ended just fine.
  4. I AM at the Abjurant Halls of Envy. That was it. I knew I was just missing something obvious. *slaps forehead* Thanks!
  5. Currently playing Story mode, and I have an encounter with an Alu-Demon Sister with Ezren. The Demon is immune to Electricity, Fire and Poison. Ezren has the Force Expertise of 2, which give him the Force and Acid and Cold trait. I'm trying to attack with a Force Bolt but it will not allow me to select it. It's not even giving me the Arcane Check to play the card? I could be overlooking something obvious, but I'm not sure why this is happening? I should be able to select the Force Bolt, and then have a check for the Arcane to play it (if I pass it)?
  6. The Graul Ogerkin in Quest mode are still bugged (they randomly either go back in the deck or self-destruct, which is actually amusing). You can't win a scenario if you come up with them (for the most part, because you can't close areas if they keep going back to the deck, when you get the roll that you SHOULD be able to fight them). Just better to forfeit if you come across them.
  7. Un-installing and re-installing the App doesn't fix Quest Mode (at least on my iPhone). It will however get you out of a stuck in level up screen (your characters will all be saved though, you will have to delete them, because if you play with them again, they will get to the level up screen again, you will lock up again). Basically all you can do for now is run a new party through until around level 17(?) and then delete them and start over (otherwise you will get stuck in the level up screen when you level up at around level 17/18). I do hope they could fix this soon. :/
  8. Before you work on upcoming patches, could you possibly consider doing a Beta Test Server, that has all the changes on an up-coming patch? We have a number of people that will always uncover more issues that you can find in just a regular test of your new code. And could possibly provide feedback to address such issues. Maybe even add a small incentive for playing such future patches? (if you can do that). Just a suggestion.
  9. Yeah, you DO need to read the description closely. It's a GREAT weapon for someone who has STR but does not have the Melee Proficiency!
  10. Load up Quest mode, make a party of 6 and keep playing a few games until you see an area called Mountain Peak. That area requires a Wisdom 6 check at the beginning of every turn for every character, and when you fail the check, you bury a card. Place all 6 characters on this spot and you will complete the Shovel The Cards in no time. It's actually amusing to do...
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