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  1. Yes, the not-recharging Sihedron Medallion is probably because damage from Forgefiend cannot be reduced, thanks. But Valeros is a Guardian, and has no "Close Quarters", his Powers are handsize 7, the proficiencies, Teamwork, Weapon Mastery, and Shield Another.
  2. Do you remember the name of the Henchman? It might help in narrowing things down The Henchman probably is the Headless Lord: "Before you act, each other character at your location summons and encounters the henchman Ancient Skeleton; the difficulty to defeat the Ancient Skeleton is increased by 6."
  3. The Ancient Library on Normal Difficulty, on a Galaxy Note 12.2, with Android 6. After defeating the Forgefiend at the Treacherous Cave, Kyra was dealt 1d4-1 damage. I could not find any other source for the damage, so I suppose it must be the Forgefiend's power to deal damage when defeated in Melee. ("If the check to defeat the Forgefiend has the Melee trait, after you act, the Forgefiend deals 1d4-1 Fire damage to you"). Kyra was alone at the location, and used Holy Light, supported by a recharged Acolyte, a Blessing of Sarenrae (recharged afterwards due to Dawnlowers Favor) and a Longbow shot from Valeros to defeat the Forgefiend. As far as I can tell, none of those have the Melee trait. Did I miss another possible source of damage, or why was the damage dealt? Also, Kyra discarded her Sihedron Medallion to deal with the damage, and was not given the chance to recharge it, not sure whether this is related.
  4. Yes, happened to me as well. Kyra got Dawnflower's Favor on her last upgrade, and it still works, but I could not choose Dawnflower's Favorite (the upgraded version). Any other prerequisite I missed, or just a bug?
  5. I can confirm this, the text on the card says "Reveal this card to add 2 to your Charisma or Diplomacy non-combat check.", but I get the 2 plus an additional D6.
  6. Sounds like the same problem as reported here, and that has been fixed for the Shrine to Lamashtu with 1.3.5. As both threads mention Warrens as the location, I suppose the Goblin Difficulty Increase is broken for that location as it was for the Shrine to Lamashtu. Did it occur on any other location as well?
  7. Sounds like the problem that was fixed for the Lamashtu Temple with 1.3.5. You got it at other locations, correct?
  8. Did you try to use the Bastard sword in the first picture? The Wisdom check is shown when you try to play a spell or weapon, so you do not have to role it when you do not intend to use one of those. Try to use one of those cards in chains, and the Wisdom check should appear.
  9. What totally explains what has happened. Thank you, Bampop
  10. Samsung Note 12.2, Android 5.0.2 The problem occured this morning, directly before the latest patch came out. But as I could not find it mentioned anywhere, I suppose it has not been fixed. Scenario is Crow Bait on Heroic, the scenario power is "If you discard cards as damage from a combat check, bury 1 of those cards". Wildcard is Impending Doom (5 fewer blessings). Sajan encountered a Traitor at the farmhouse. Card text of the traitor is "Before you act, discard a random ally". The ally (The Sage, I think) got not just discarded, but was buried. I had expected it to be discarded. As the scenario power explicitly states only cards discarded due to damage from combat checks get buried, and the ally was discarded without a check, I suppose this is a bug.
  11. Is in the list of the known bugs, I usually forfeit quests instantly when there are goblin villain/henchmen and that power comes up. Not worth the frustration when you almost complete a quest and then have to forfeit due to the bug
  12. I am not sure this is a bug in the game, it may be a problem with the wording of the cards. The written text implies you can circumvent the barrier on your second exploration, as it explicitly states "on your first exploration". But the way it works (and the way we did it when playing the card game) is that you have to encounter the barrier on any exploration (first, second,...), as long as it is not defeated. Makes sense to me, the passage is still blocked on your second exploration (assuming you did not defeat it on your first exploration). But then the text should be changed, maybe "Characters at this location encounter this card when exploring." But as the wording is quite explicit, we may just have played it wrong.
  13. It is listed both ways, and i never encountered it only way, they are connected as far as I know. Both effects (Wildcard and story power) are triggered at the same time, whatever the trigger was, i.e. if you have to bury a card, you will also be dealt damage, and if you are dealt damage, you will also have to bury a card. {quote}'Into the Mountains' Heroic/Legendary power is triggered by the Full Packs/Painful Memories wildcards, and defeating henchmen triggers the wildcard 'bury 1' effect{quote} Do you only have to bury a card when facing a henchman, but do not get the damage when burying a card due to the wildcard?
  14. And you will take damage from the necromancer every time you have to bury a card. This is a known bug, see http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86299-gameplay-bug-collection/
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