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  1. Also, when defeating an actual hound card (that came from the location deck), I'm not prompted to close after finally breaking out of the summoned hound loop.
  2. Same issue for me. It seems to somehow require 2 separate wisdom rolls, but the 2nd roll has no dice. Also, I'm not sure if defeating a summoned hound should trigger yet another roll to summon a hound. If this is the case, the only way out of the loop is to pass the perception/stealth check or lose to the summoned hound.
  3. I'm currently stuck in a progression break. The avalanche barrier was on top of the deck. After defeating it, i was prompted to pick a reward type (scenario 6.4) but then the avalanche disappears and I can't progress. It shows a face down reward card in the top right part of the screen. I took screenshots on my iPad but I can't upload them because they're bigger than 1mb each apparently.
  4. Pretty sure that this is caused by Amiri damage reduction power. The next check or die roll after Amiri's damage is reduced to 0 gets messed up.
  5. Amiri's damage reduction skill messes up the next roll. For example, if a barrier causes 1 damage to all characters, the animation skips past Amiri and then the next dice roll always rolls a 0. You can workaround this by pretending to play a blessing or something on the next roll and cancelling to reset the dice check.
  6. I play quest mode almost exclusively, so I'm not happy to hear it migt go away. The particular bug with the cards feats should be fairly easy to fix (including retroactively fixing existing chars with too many card feats)
  7. Here's some more screens of this behavior. I was able to use paralyze to evade a monster, and put it on the "bottom" of the deck. But the deck only shows 7 cards, not all 10. I was then able to kill the henchman and close the location, but the villian was also there. You'll see that the location still claims to have 4 cards but only the villian is explorable
  8. Yes, now that you mention it, I have seen this before. At the temple, I recall the card counter saying 7 cards in the location, but when I used scrying or augry, when it revealed cards from the location, it only showed 4 cards in the location. And then when the location was down to 3 cards, I was prompted to close as if the location was empty.
  9. Here's a screen showing 2 deathbane crossbows with different AD numbers. I think this is kind of a special case, where the devs added the crossbow for quest mode only, even if you don't have the character add on deck.
  10. Yes, I think the location had a black background initially. The villian turned out to be somewhere else, but I failed to kill him because the difficulty for each check was 30+ due to the scenario powers (+12 from other killed henchmen, +5 more for the other wildcard powers, plus a lack of blessings.) The villain was roger Crosby (???) a goblin with a combat 13ish followed by s combat or divine 15. The henchmen were zombie minions. Earlier in the mission I did encounter a barrier that spawned zombie henchmen at all open locations, some of which I evaded or failed to defeat, and then I encountered that same barrier some time later as well. I'm not sure if it has any bearing or relation to the bug. My party consisted of a level 33 or 34 Harsk. All the other chars were level 17 or 18.
  11. Quest mode Tier 3 party 6 man team Scenario,power: villain difficulty +2 for each henchman defeated Wildcard 1: all checks difficulty +1 Wildcard 2: bane difficulty +4 When any character arrives at the rusty dragon, they get an immediate prompt to close it (with all 10 cards still in the deck). Regardless of whether I decline to close, or fail the close check, I can't actually explore the location. After passing the close check, no cards were removed and now I still can't explore the location, but it's considered closed. I'm not sure if the villain is here yet, but if so, I think I won't be able to win the mission.
  12. I also noticed that in quest mode, the AD number on some cards randomly changes. For example, when you encounter it during the game its AD2 but then in the post-game deck building screen it has some other AD number. I know I've seen this with at least: Death bane crossbow Yap the pixie Greater luck stone Probably several other cards.
  13. Happened to me too. In these screens, the increased difficulty roll was 7 I think. After activating sajans power I caused some additional artifacts as well. Fortunately, quitting back to the menu and clicking continue gets me back into a state where I can do the combat roll, but I didn't get to close after killing the ogre
  14. Quest mode 5 man party Characters who begin their turn at the old light are immediately prompted if they want to attempt to close. This was with all 10 cards still in the location deck. I declined th e prompt, because it would be cheating. However, the option to explore was greed out, I couldn't play blessings or allies to explore, so the location was basically stuck. Fortunately, I found the villain somewhere else and was able to temp close the old light. I didn't Record t he particular wildcard powers.
  15. I already forfeited this game. Although my current quest mode party is stuck in another progression break. There is a wildcard to add 2d4 against goblin difficulty. The villain Gogmurt also deals 1d4-1 damage before combat. When encountering him, the game rolls for the increased difficulty and then gets stuck, it never rolls for the 1d4-1 Fire damage. Screenshots attached with my pathfinder ID and the broken game state.
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