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  1. I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine but a peculiar problem has come up. He has been playing story mode and has made progress story missions. However when he closes the game and starts up the app again, his characters and story progression are gone as if he never started any other adventure. It even has him re-doing the tutorial. He plays on an android and as far as I know he only plays on the android.
  2. I re-ran through some other story missions and I could not find another instance in combat of dice disappearing. Although upon further testing, the harpy monk encounter is the only that I can pinpoint that has dice flying off the screen and not going into the die roll total.
  3. I had it happen on the Harpy wisdom saving throw roll with Sajan and Ezren. I also noticed a few times in combat of dice going missing for Seelah and Meresiel. Those I do recall specifically.
  4. Sajan's drunken master recharging isnt working as well. Went through several healing potions and tested in different places through story mode. No recharge prompt came up.
  5. Right after the 1.1.6 update, there has been a rather annoying if not, game breaking bug that occurs. I had several occasions in which during the dice roll, one of the dice would shoot off screen towards the bottom right (near the character profile) and be completely erased from the check. If it was a singular die being used on a roll and it went off to the bottom right during the roll, it would result in a roll of 0 (and no, there were no negative modifiers going). Even when I would be rolling multiple dice, one would occasionally roll off the screen and be erased from the check. A bug like this should be addressed asap. For reference, I was running this on my android phone.
  6. I have experienced the same issue as well. I was in story mode 4-3 and when i used the healing potions it never gave me a recharge prompt for my drunken master Sajan. I thought it might have been just the story mode since I saw an earlier post discussing it but i went and obtained more healing potions, only to lose them again to a lack of recharge prompt in other story scenerios.
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