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  1. When you have multiple people at the same location and you encounter a Warrior of Wrath in "Into the Runeforge," the primary character will get a proper acrobatics roll. But subsequent rolls will roll off screen and result in an automatic zero.
  2. Prior to the new patch 1.1.6 my Sajan Drunken Master could use potions on other party members and recharge with his role power. The new patch I used a Healing Potion on Amiri in the same location, I never got a prompt for Recharge or Banish so I ended up losing the potion automatically. Not sure if this was altered so Bring Me Another! only works when Sajan uses potions on himself, or if this is a bug but it sure seems like it.
  3. Oh! Thank you for clarifying. So if I've completed the Story Quest at all for Normal and Heoric, its done for any future play through? But I can farm Legendary as much as I want?
  4. The bug I'm encountering when I play is after a first time completion of a difficultly, at the gold reward screen I will get a Zero instead of the expected amount of gold. I speculated at first maybe I'm not being awarded my gold because I am a commuter and sometimes, I'll start a Story Quest at work then commute and lose my connection then finish the quest at home. But its also happened to me when I've played a full Story Quest at home with a stable internet connection. I've unfortunately been unable to narrow down what causes it, just that it does happen randomly. iPad Pro 9.7 i
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